Unicycle lingo

I’ve been wondering a little about some of the unicycle words that I read about all the time. I used the forum search function and came up with a few results, but I still don’t know a couple of things.

#1. Is the plural of Nimbus nimbi?
#2. How is Qu-Ax pronounced?

Thanks for your answers people!!

If you have any other questions/statements about unicycle language feel free to use this thread.

Not sure on #1. Nimbi seems plausible.

I’ve heard Qu-Ax pronounced “cue-axe”, that’s what I’ve stuck with.

Ive always pronounced it ‘quacks’

I have also heard “Coo-axe”.

Funky name.

That sound like the person had an accent.

Nimbuses. Nimbi is theoretically valid if you’re talking about the Latin “nimbus,” meaning “dark cloud,” which only very rarely takes a plural (typically you’d talk about “cumulonimbus clouds” not “cumulonimbi”). For the Harry Potter racing broom, which is the etymology of the Nimbus unicycle brand, it’s best to treat it as an English word.

Of course, accents are relative. I’ve heard mine and the other pronunciations all at Unicons in Europe. Since it’s a German company, I would take what the German riders say as accurate.

Of course, that might be the accent to which you refer.

Also, most bike dealers in America didn’t seem to know how to pronounce Miyata when it was a popular brand. “Mee-yatta” is correct; but most bike shop employees I talked to said “My-yatta”. Kind of like “Eye-rack” for that country we fought such a long war in…