unicycle levels

Does anyone have any videos of someone completing one of the unicycling levels, preferably on of the higher ones like 7-10, but any will do.

if you arent sure what I’m talking about check out this link. It explains all the levels.


If you have a video of yourself or someone else, this is the place to post it.

This website is where I saw all that stuff it rocks.


click on whatever player you use besides it for the vid, the book next to them is for info/tips on them.

Here is Amanda’s 1-6

yea I looked at amandas gallery right away, but it doesnt have 7-10, which is what he asked for, but good idea, great minds think somewhat alike in an incondes-imable image…

when i go there it says i need to download a plugin in , but when i click on it it says no plugin found. what do i need to download?

? idk why that happened, but the levels only go up to six, the other one goes 1-10

i could film level 10 in a few weeks when im on break. doubt ill do it tbh ill try and make a real video instead.

the only thing in level 10 that could cause trouble is backwards wheel walk in a circle.

strange that i would have no hope of doing level 8 or 9 though. hell i cant even spin fluently for level 7 :smiley: