Unicycle Lessons (Dublin, Ireland)

Hi, I’m looking for lessons (if there is such a thing) for my 10 year old son who has just gotten his first unicycle. We are in Dublin, Ireland. Would appreciate any pointers. Thanks.

You could try YouTube tutorials.

I am from Dublin. I am learning the ride unicycle from online tutorials and posts on this site. I started by using a railing to help me balance. Any of the how to unicycle tutorials should be enough to get your son started. You could assist him by holding his hands…

If you want to get lessons for your son, I would suggest contacting some of the circus groups. A google search for ‘Circus Lessons in Dublin Ireland’ should yield some results. I would make contact with somebody in those organizations and see if they can point you in the right direction.

In Denmark and The Netherlands there are several Unicycle clubs. They are for both kids and adults, but you see mostly kids there. I could imagine there are also some in Ireland.

Unfortunately not. I looked for clubs when I started to learn, however I couldn’t find any. Unicycling is not very popular in Ireland. You rarely see anyone on one.

First your kid must learn how to get on. This is shown at 0:45 in this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ks9yLrXjKgU

Explain that once he is on, if he puts all his weight on the pedal in the 6 O’clock position, the uni will not move and he will not fall off.

Then you hold his hand and walk beside him until he his comfortable with that. This phase can take a few days and requires some patience on your part, because he will probably get frustrated and yell at you at some point. You may find this phase a little boring also.

Then pull out a chair, a beer, and the garbage bin. The chair and the beer is for you, and the garbage bin is to support your kid so he can mount his unicycle by himself.

He has to get in the positon where he has the pedals parallell to the ground. Then lean forward, let go of the bin and just try to pedal away. This phase can take from a few hours up to a couple of weeks (or maybe more).

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