i was on the unicycle.com website and i noticed that in the unicycle.uk store they have some koxxone unis and parts but in the unicycle.com for amrerica theres not a single koxx one product whats the deal? i emaild them them a few weeks back but never got a reply im very disapointed at them.

koxx is a bike trials company in france. their current american supplier for unis is renegadejuggling.com however if you want to buy the muni koxxes, then go to trialsin.com cause they have a great deal on it that includes the brake.

i never used any unicycle besides a 20 inch sun so i really cant have a particularness towards a brand but i been riding since last christmas when i recieved my first uni but my mother doesnt seem to think its sensable to pay 450 for a koxx or kh unicycle should i settle for nothing less or would a torker dx last be just as suficient

depends how good you are and what you do. If your just started and want to go abit more trials/street muni go for a DX

honestly you dont need a koxx1 or KH they are just very nice and makes it easier also they are very tough. But the DX will be fine for most things, alot of very good trials/muni riders use it

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