Unicycle Keyboard Art Competition - 1999

To : All UNI Ascii Art Fans / Members of the News Group

Fr : Steve Dressler - Contest Administrator

Re : 1999 Ascii Art competition ---- HELP !!

Please all read the message below to the creative contributors of last years
Uni Ascii Art Competition. I’m trying to get all to re-submit now, but some may
have changed E-Mail addresses or dropped off the mailing list. If you see a
name with which you’re familiar, but know that the E-Mail has changed, please
inform me. Also, does anyone have a record of all the great entries from last
year? I’ve got them on a print-out, but not in electronic form anymore due to a
system crash.

Once I get all the enrties back in electronic form, I’ll compile them together
with the names of their creative owners and post the FINAL RESULTS to the N.G.

Then, I’ll kick-off the “Uni Ascii Art Competition - 2000!!” It shall be an
annual thing, which will correspond with John Foss getting OLDER!!

So get those creative keys clicking, and no cheating in the form of scanning a
picture and turning it somehow into a form of Ascii Art!!


** Any help anyone can provide will be appreciated!

To : All contestants of the Unicycle Ascii Art Competition - 1999

Fr : Contest Administrator

Date : March 3, 2000

Re : Contest Results and Prize Announcements

Dear all,

It’s one year to the day since I founded this contest … and I can’t believe
that I have yet to post the results and distribute the prizes! I extend my
deepest apologies to all hopeful contributors; 21 in all.

The first problem was that I received so many more entries than I expected, and
then I had a conscience problem in judging them all!! Finally, after printing
out all entries and judging them multiple times with other helpers, I returned
to a crashed computer wherein all stored entries had been lost!! :frowning:

But, not before we had come to final decisions on the placement of all these
creative and excellent Ascii entries!!

The winners were ultimately divided into 3 categories:

  1. Single entries - One unicycle or rider on a unicycle

  2. Pairs / doubles - two unicycles and or two unicyclists in action.

  3. Multiple - multiple unicycles / long stories with one or more unicycles
    per frame.

And then there were the Audience Choice Awards … with one GRAND PRIZE.

In each of the above categories, there are three prizes to be awarded; First,
Second and Third, for a total of 9 prizes plus the GRAND PRIZE, which goes to
the artist who received the most postive feedback from newsgroup members. There
is also a second and third prize for the Audience Choice award which attract no
extra prize, just more Kudos from your Ascii Fans!!

So, what I need now is the mailing address of all of you who contributed, so
that I can now finally mail out your prizes!!

Lastly, could all of you please re-submit your entry so that I can store it and
file it on disc this time. I’d like to announce the winners with a posting of
the winning entries in each category!!

For now, I’ll only mention that the GRAND PRIZE went to Mr. Simon Greenway.
His “Adventures of Mr. M” was the clear winner in the audience choice
awards!! Second was Yee Ling Tan and third was Sven Wittorf for his “Teresa
and Sem” entry.

Please respond with adresses and re-submission of entry if possible!! ** All
entries will receive SOMETHING :slight_smile:

And the Winners Are:

Angie Guinid <Angiecg@hkstar.com> Rick Bissell <rick@tridelta.com> Mary Hartmame
<hartmame@uc.edu> Jon Marshall <rocket@jbmarshl.demon.co.uk> Kevin Roberts
<soccerules@hotmail.com> Sarah Miller <sarah@vimes.u-net.com> Jerry Cooper
<inspark@aol.com> Sven Wittorf <Swittorf@t-online.de> Dirk Iwema
<dirk.iwema@ae.ge.com> Yee Ling Tan <Ariun@hotmail.com> Kristin Kowalski
<k2on1wheel@aol.com> Alan Atherton <ecliptix@cs.byu.edu> Simon Greenway
<simon.greenway@roke.co.uk> Tom Elmore <CliffElmore@compuserve.com> Tammy Marsh
<dagobahyoda@hotmail.com> Henry Segerman <sjoh0780@sable.ox.ac.uk