Unicycle Jump FAILBLOG

i know the videos been posted before, but i didnt know failblog had it on its site.

tom pec right?

Yeah, it’s Tom.

Wait…do we know this person?

It is Tom Pec… Who doesn’t know who he is?

Well a lot of people but he is an amazing trials (and street) unicyclist.

But apparently not the most prudent.

What do you expect!? he is french! Just joking :stuck_out_tongue:

He got famous outside the unicycling community with the video Spirit:

This stills one of my favorite videos… He was supposed to attend last unicon but broke his foot on a crazy set 2 weeks before it:

He’s a clean trials rider… he’s between my favorites…

EDIT: The video spirit stayied in the YouTube front page for 12 hours I think…

I’ve always wondered if: 1) he got away cleanly, without handcuffs
and 2) he paid for the damage.

Anybody have any intel on it?

Does anyone else think this will be positive for unicycling? I think it will definitely help to remove the circus stigma.

Maybe a few skaters will take up uni, because this is pretty bad a** stuff.

Hellllllllllll yeah :sunglasses:

Edit: I’m reading ALL the comments haha.

I dont think he was caught or fined for it.

If he was, oh well.

Fun to watch again.

yeah :smiley: in 3days already 588825 views :astonished:

edit: I like this comment :stuck_out_tongue:
" this is why tony hawk didn’t make a unicycle game "

thats both good and bad for unicycling

bad because some people will c it as vandalism and others will c a trick that wasnt landed.

good because it shows that its not clowny and that a jump as big as that (although not very big for most of us) is possible on a unicycle.

tom pec is helping this sport to grow quite alot. too bad he’s always broken