Unicycle Jousting

Does anyone do anything like unicycle jousting? Only I thought this could be quite fun, not with anything sharp but with something like those giant cotton bud things that you see on gladiators. Maybe this is something that already goes on at uni meets.
Its not that I need any help coming off my unicycle, just wondered if this sort of thing went on…

It is mentioned on www.unicycling.org as things you can do on a unicycle.

Also looks on the galleries on this site. Do a search. There are some pics and videos of people jousting.

Somehow, I think everyone who gets into unicycling has a secret ambition to joust. I know it’s something I wanted to try from day 1, although it’s never happened.

As an older and more responsible unicyclist (hah!) I can see the dangers - particularly the risk of falling backwards out of control. I reckon that in most cases, both unicyclists would be unseated by the impact.

Unicycle hockey (a slightly more martial form of jousting) is popular, and is one of the most energetic sports known to humanity. Ditto unicycle basket ball, unicycle sumo, and various dogfighting games.

I’m surprised that jousting in some form doesn’t happen more often.

Search Google and you will find at least one set of photos. I know because I saw them ages ago.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I never felt the urge to joust. Though I read about it in the USA Newsletters in the mid 1970s. Those guys, who I think were in Toronto, used lances made from rolled-up computer printout paper. They dressed in costume too.

I prefer Sumo. No props needed, just you, and opponent, and the ground. A circle or other marked boundary are optional.

Personally, I want to try Unicycle Sumo Wrestling, but so far Owen and Nate (90 lbs ea) refuse to wrestle me (210lbs). They’re waiting for me to get old and decrepit. Check that - they’re wating for me to get older and more decrepit.

I would try jousting too, but I’d want a full coverage helmet.

The only jousting videos I know of can be found here:

There are quite a few pictures there too. Don’t miss the tagging of the Weinermobile!


jousting is good fun. looking one of your best friends in the eye as you charge toward him, lance in hand, before you both get knocked senseless is a lot of fun.

how to joust:
take a regular pair of crutches and two towels, attatch the towels to the crutches with duct tape. voila! all the fun of jousting, only with less bleeding.

Jousting is only fun until someone gets hurt. :frowning: THEN, it’s hilarious:D

I found it was great fun until we got good enough to reliably dodge the lances.

It’s also rubbish if you have one good person and lots of not so good people as the good person always wins, whereas gladiators tends to even things out a bit more.


somehow on par with jugglers’ morbid fascination with juggling eggs?

i would love to try that!

Don’t forget this one;

Mostly the same clips, but set to music and with some picnic table trials thrown in for fun.


I alrady have jousting lances made, thanks to pointers from this forum.

a broom stick stuck in a pool noodle, with some extra pool noodle (a perpendicular slice to prevent broom-poke-through) taped all around.

Without shields, it doesn’t seem like it would be much fun. However, a garbage can lid, or something shieldy might be devestating if fallen upon (broken arms, ribs, dislocated shoulder, smashed chin?)

However, reading this thread after just visiting a pool makes me think I’ve found the ideal shield (with some modifications, ie. the adding of a handle)

Flutter Boards (the things you hold onto in swimming pools to keep you afloat and kicking)

I think they would be soft enough to fold under the weight of an unseated rider, but I’d have to try some experimenting first.

Any other thoughts on ‘safe’ shields?

I have tried it before and thought unicycle chicken was much more fun :wink:


I’ll ask Richard if he still has the Lances and would he be able to bring them along to the South West Uni meet :slight_smile:


I am in a medieval reenactment group, so maybe I should get some of them riding…
I have tried both riding in armor and knocking things over with a lance, but I haven’t combined the two yet.

I am in a medieval reenactment group, so maybe I should get some of them riding.
I have tried both riding in armor and knocking things over with a lance, but I haven’t combined the two yet.
Maybe next summer…


Jousting with those water noodle thingies would be pretty harmless and great fun. My nephews and I would pummel each other mercilessly with them.