Unicycle Jousting

hanss@microsoft.com (Hans Spiller) wrote:

>I’m the guy in the picture with the beard and the yellow sheild. the guy with
>the green SCA type helmet is Brian Lewis, inventor of this lunacy back when he
>was in college at Oregon State University, and a fairly active medievalist.

>Don’t worry, I did go work for Microsoft. Quite a number of your fellow
>CalTech folks did too.

I’m fascinated with the idea. It was once written up in the USA Newsletter, back
in the 70’s when Bill Jenack was still the editor. Two boys in Toronto did
jousting, in costume, using rolled up computer paper lances (more computer
geeks). They had a couple of nice pictures in the newsletter.

How could one get a copy of this Microsoft recruitment brochure? I collect such
references to unicyclists, and one in a Microsoft publication is fascinating. We
might also ask them for permission to reproduce it in ON ONE WHEEL. It’s NOT
surprising to see unicycles in a place like that, because a lot of smart people
ride unicycles . . . .

John Foss, President International Unicycling Federation unicycle@aol.com