unicycle jousting

my brother and i like to unicycle joust and were wondering if any else does and thhought it would be cool if any one who did posted some pictures i will try to post mine soon thanks .

Yeah, me and my friend do it all the time(or used to). Instead of using sticks or poles we put traffic cones on our arms and attack each other.

If you were wondering about jousting, why didn’t you search for it?

There are a number of recent threads on the topic, here, here and here. There are many more threads on the topic elsewhere.

Did you try Google? There’s over 3k hits when you search “unicycle jousting”.

Post, and all you get is a post. Seek, and you shall find.

Ta for the links maestro8, looks like this could be a laugh, I might have to suggest uni-jousting to some of the group I’m with.

It’s certainly a laugh, especially if instead of just one pass you just keep going at each other with long poles until someone finally falls off. I’d definitely suggest it lol