Unicycle Jousting: a Documentary

My friend made this as his final for our video class. Not too technical, but a lot of fun.

That was really really good! Well done on making a great movie.

You guys should all be reporters for the BBC!

Great Video!
Do you wear KH chain maille armour? :slight_smile:

No maille in the video, but I do make it as an on-and-off hobby

I bet people wouldn’t make fun of unicyclist if we disassociated ourselves with jousting and clowns…thanks for giving people a reason to make fun of me.

I think your avatar and nick name is enough reason for the next five or so generations.

It’s okay to give people a reason to make fun of you, it’s not okay for someone else to give people a reason to make fun of you.

PS - Pink is the new black.

Man, if you take things this way you’ll be laughed at your whole life.

Right. But it will because I brought it on myself.

If you ride past some people that laugh at and make fun of everything and they laugh at you, did you bring it on yourself or was it brought on you? You could say that you brought it on yourself by taking up unicycling in the first place or by just living in this world.

My advice: forget who’s laughing at whom and just go out and have fun.

And me, I’ll laugh at anything.

Wow. I didn’t realize there were unicyclists not willing to embrace the fact that we look bizarre. Of course, 19th-century penny-farthing riders probably took a few giggles when they first hopped on a set of wheels, and surely horseback riding started out with some guy saying, “Hey guys look at me” and promptly falling off a wild beast. Neither sport seems to have ultimately suffered from its ridiculousness. I think a bit of combative competition only serves to widen the possibilites of the unicycle. You should try jousting sometime, Mafiamike. It’s a lot of fun. And if you’re embarassed about our hobby/sport/transportation/metaphor for life/whatever, you could always put a refrigerator box over your head when you go out so no one will know that there’s a silly unicycle underneath.