Unicycle is a photo contest winner!

Today I received notification that a unicycling photo I had entered has appeared on the “December 2004 Honor Roll” of the “ACD Systems Digital Imaging Blast Photo Contest”.

I also won myself a copy of the “ACDSee 7.0 PowerPack” digital imaging software - a $79.99 USD value. So, I’m pretty happy :smiley:

Here is the image:





Cool! Tell us more about the picture. Who? Where? etc.

can u size that pic up a bit?



Good evening,

Thanks for the comments! The photo was taken last summer in Cochrane, Ontario Canada. The rider in the photo is my brother (UNIquelyCanadian) on a KH24. We were riding on some hard-packed dirt track.

Here is a re-sized version of the image (or click here for the full-size):


Hey that’s a very arty pic. Congratulations!


p/s how did you get your avatar so big? Did you bribe Gilby or something?

Ken, No, my larger avatar isn’t the result of a bribe (I wouldn’t deal like that anyway)… I just gave the larger image a try last night, and it worked; I really don’t know how or why!

But I’m glad it did :sunglasses:

Could you describe how this was taken cause I’m havin a hard time tryin to figure it out. It looks like a big hill in the background, making it look like the shadow is like 100 feet tall, so is the shadow that tall or is it just a small rock formation that looks like a big hill?

Hi Jamey, Good question/observation!!!

The “mound” in the background is just that: a mound about 10’ tall. The unicyclist was riding on another “ridge” about 15’ away. It was around 5:30pm on Oct 6, '04, so the sun was at a pretty low angle. Here is a view of the actual rider as we were setting up for the shadow-shot: