Unicycle iPhone Game

Hi guys, my name is ROm and im the author of SIO2 engine a free iPhone and iPod Touch 3D game engine. Im currently working on an iPhone game featuring a unicycle (click below for a quick preview of the freestyle engine):

And I need some sound for the unicycle in the game, what I need is the following sound, it would be great if some off you guys can record some using your unicycle and send it to me by email at one of the contact information here:


as well as your contact information so I can add your name in the credits of the game!

Try to record the sound as long as possible and as clean as possible (no ambient noise) it’ll be more easy for me to mix and loop and integrate in the game. I would prefer .WAV but .MP3 or .OGG is fine too!

Basically I need the following sound:


  • Unicycle rolling on concrete
  • Unicycle rolling on brick tiles
  • Unicycle rolling on wood
  • Unicycle rolling on metal


  • Unicycle wheel landing on concrete
  • Unicycle wheel landing on wood
  • Unicycle wheel landing on metal


  • Grind on metal (rail, pipe)
  • Grind on concrete
  • Grind on park bench or similar surface

Would be nice if you guys can record me some skatepark ambient sound from different location ( indoor or outdoor ) of your local skatepark!

So I can put that as an ambient background music!

If you need more info, please do not hesitate to contact me through email or IM.


and thanks in advance!

Ho! and I forgot to mention that if your sounds are used in the game you will of course get a promotion code for a free copy of the game as soon it is release :wink:

sounds pretty good i cant wait to play “iuni” lol

Will it be avalable in the app store? Will there be a lite version? What version frimware will be needed?

Sorry I cant help for the actual game…

Haha that game seems really silly, but still kinda cool.

Still haven’t heard of anyone from this community… anybody is interested to help a project that will help popularize freestyle unicycling???


The engine demo is pretty cool, I think the game could have a lot of potential, somehow reminiscent of the THPS series. Do you plan to include the rider in the final version? Would be pretty hard to animate though, I guess :).

I don’t know if it’s even possible to make those recordings reasonably decent without the right equipment and (studio) locations. If I have some time at the weekend I might try to make some recordings out of curiosity how it works out. The sound you get on the different surfaces will also strongly depend on the tire tread, from almost inaudible (high pressure freestyle tire) to very knobby (low pressure trials tire) …

All you need is a laptop and a mic to record some decent things. Even just a camera recording close up to a unicycle, than taken into a video editing program, export just the audio clips and there you go.

I cant offer any help right now cause I have my studio setup elsewhere, but I know there are quite a few people here with higher grade camera with mics and booms that should be able to get some recordings for you.

Sounds like a fun project for someone who’s into sound recording. If you record the tire on wood, be sure to get some of those squeaks that are typical on gym floors when doing Freestyle/tricks!

can you make this a click wheel game for ipod nanos also :sunglasses:

The API is entirely different. You should buy an iPod touch!


(he who wrote some of the API).

The game looks pretty awesome although i wasn’t sure you could really go that high off the ramps but i suppose to make it a bit easier to do combos its fine:D
Are you desperate enough to give me and Ipod Touch if i do the recordings?? :roll_eyes: BRIBARY