Unicycle inventor

Is it true that the inventor of the unicycle never actually learned to ride one?
I looked on wikipedia but i couldnt find anything about it

who are you claiming invented it? It stemmed from the penny farthing bike.

I can tell you that it’s not this man:

no, this predates the penny farthing i think. the inventor wanted the most mechanically simple form of transportation. but gave up because it was too hard to ride.


Sounds like one of those inventors that doesn’t actually invent things. Or doesn’t think about practicality in what he invents.

I am not aware of any record of someond designing and building any unicycles before the penny-farthing period. Never heard of it. I think people never considered such a thing to be possible. Not until lots of athletic people were riding around on these front-heavy bikes did they learn to balance on the front wheel, out of necessity if not anything else.

But nobody in our unicycling community seems to know who did this first. During the period (1880s to 1910 or so), there were many claims on being the first unicyclist, which is pretty funny for the ones after the turn of the century. Most of these claimants were entertainers, who had a financial impetus for their claims. The first unicyclists were probably bike enthusiasts, and may or may not have done anything with their new skills other than show them off at bike clubs.

i know who invented the bc wheel!!!
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i bet he even invented the Ultimate wheel as well. but you have to make one of those to make a penny farthing bike anyways.

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This is what i found…:smiley:
The most accepted theory for the unicycling appearance is that it was found by accident when riding a penny farthing.

The penny farthing had a tendency for its small rear wheel to lift off the ground when the rider wanted to slow down quickly. Some riders discovered they could stay balanced with the rear wheel in the air for a long time. They then decided that the rear wheel, frame and handlebars were also superfluous. And so, unicycling was discovered.

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