Unicycle into the Skye tour June 2015

Announcing the “Unicycle into the Skye” tour of the Isle of Skye, the Applecross peninsula and Torridon areas of the Scottish Highlands

Dates: June 2nd – June 11th, 2015

Cost: £699 per person

Who can come? Any unicyclist over 18. A limited number of bicyclists will also be allowed.

For more information visit: www.intotheskye.com or see the video

Ah, there we are. I can view and comment on this thread when I’m logged in now :roll_eyes:

If I can scape the cash up, I’ll be up for this. Its exactly the kind of thing I had in mind when I bought my Oracle…I’ll be able to let you know for sure in a few weeks time :slight_smile:

Great… its going to be an epic tour :slight_smile:


We have had to change the dates slightly

They are now 7th-16th June

That question on the application form is hilarious! :stuck_out_tongue:

‘Do you think you can out ride a haggis?’
Who thought that one up?!

Mmmm, I could happily tuck into a bit of haggis n gravy right now…

lol… I did… we may have an evening haggis hunting… new unicycle sport :astonished:

When I was younger, on our anual family trip up to Scotland, my dad convinced me that haggis was a type of bird, that lives on hill sides. He explained that it has one leg longer than the other, so it can run around its level of the hill, looking for food :roll_eyes:

For uni-haggis-hunting I think we’ll all need 150’s, to get up to its hillside home :stuck_out_tongue:

Your dad was absolutely correct :slight_smile:


We have our first few riders signed up

Here is a link to see who is coming

Alan…As soon as I know where my finances are I’ll get signed up too. I don’t wanna sign up, them let you down :roll_eyes:

Grand… It looks like we will have a good international bunch :slight_smile:

Ok, its on a bike… but wow!!

Would love to do this, but the decision is going to have to be made after christmas when I have a better idea on what my bonus will be.

That’s no problem… but the sooner I have definite numbers then the better I can make the tour… there a few extras I would like to include :slight_smile:

Hope you can make it :slight_smile:

Tweaks to schedule

I have made a few tweaks to the schedule of the tour, so I thought I would post it here :smiley:



Hi all

I recently e-mailed this to all those who had enquired about the tour, but I though I would just post a copy on the forum as well :slight_smile:


The planning for the tour is progressing well.

We have had our first confirmed riders from: USA, Canada, Germany, Russia, England and Scotland with strong interest from riders from Australia, New Zealand and France so it looks like we will have a really good mix of nationalities.

The route planning is close to complete, although I am sure there will be a few more tweaks to be made. There will be some options for more experienced riders who wish to do longer distance, but we will probably address these on the tour. If you have anything you would particularly like to see or do please let me know and I will try to incorporate them in to the plan.

We will now be meeting slightly earlier on the 7th of June at Velocity Cafe / bicycle workshop in Inverness: www.velocitylove.co.uk. This is a great little cafe which was specifically set up as a hub to promote cycling in the local area. I am hoping to have a few local cyclists to escort us through the city as we commence our tour. If you need accommodation before the start of the tour or after it finishes please let me know as I may be able to get group rates.

I am also delighted to announce that the catering will be handled by Alison Sykora.

I have worked with Alison on several press promotions and exhibitions over the years and have always been amazed at her ability to produce amazing looking food in what others would find quite challenging conditions. Her work has been featured on several cookery shows on TV and she is considered to be one of the top food consultants in the country. Alison also regularly caters for racing tall ships and for Team Saxo Bank on the Tour De France so will be well placed to cater for our needs.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



Unicycle into the skye
7th - 16th June 2015

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Final planning

Hi all

Spring has sprung in the Scottish Highlands and we are now in the final stages of planning the “Unicycle Into the Skye” tour.

Registrations for the tour will have to be complete by the end of March as we need to confirm numbers, book support drivers, campsites etc etc. We may be able to take registrations after this, however there will be a penalty charge for late entry.

For those already registered could you please let me know your travel plans (if you haven’t done so already) and let me know you if will need extra accommodation before or after the tour. If you haven’t already made your travel plans and would like some help, just let me know.

Hope to hear from you soon.



unfortunately we can not join your magnificant ride cause we are sailing…:frowning:
but in same waters:D

we start 30.05 in hamburg and will be arround inverness 07.06.
and we will be a bit south of you at 16.06 somewhere arround Kintyre
more information here (in german)
it would be great to meet you somewhere.
if you like to sail some time with us just cantact me.

cheers jogi

I am sure there must be some opportunity there somewhere :slight_smile:

Final route plan

Just 8 days until the start of the tour, the long range weather forecast is looking great!!

Here is the final route plan: