Unicycle Insurance

I’m preparing to ride my Unicycle to work again and park it in the out door bicycle racks. Our office has a policy of no bikes in the office or cubicles. Unicycles included.

Since I have invested in my 36" and 29" for all the options and toys… If decided to investigate insurance incase stolen or damaged in parking lot.

My home insurance would cover it but my $500.00 deductable really makes that un-attractive.

So for $48.00 / year I can have a rider on my home for unicycle that covers my pride and joy (both 29" and 36").

This coverage is in Canada, but curious if others insure unicycle.

That’s interesting.

Personally, if I can’t take my uni inside, I don’t go there on my uni.

Not me, though I did enjoy the coverage of my parents’ comprehensive insurance on the house when my car was stolen out of the driveway in 1983. My unicycle and tools were in it, and I was able to collect their value, less whatever the deductable was.

Better to not leave expensive unicycles locked up outside. In the long run, it might be cheaper to get a “beater” unicycle to commute on. Lots of people do this with bikes, saving their nice ones for other rides where they don’t have to leave them unattended.

Who the #$%^ steals a unicycle?!?!?

There really can’t be any black market value to them. eBay’s about the only way to sell one and you’d need something like a KH or a Guni to make enough $ to make it worthwhile to steal, which of course would raise red flags among the small unicycling community. Seems to discount most pro thieves.

That leaves punk kids, who would really be discouraged by the use of a normal lock and chain.

I’ve had my unis lifted briefly twice. Both times when I was in the restroom at a railtrail or park. Both times in the fair city of Jacksonville. One incident an older guy was walking off with it. When I confronted him he acted as if he was confused. Another time a teen/ kid began walking off with it AND my protective equipment. I think in both situations it was the novelty of it… not any resale value or aspirations to be the next unicycle champion. I took it into the restroom at the Jax Landing today as I always do. I don’t care how ridiculous it looks to carry in and out of a restroom.

Insurance… burns me to think that honest people would have to pay $ just to protect them from being cleaned out by theives.

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    Only twice did the place have an issue w/ my uni, but then it was only either my 20" or 24".

Yeah, my beater locked up road bike was stolen yesterday :angry: I’m surprised anyone would want it that bad. It was ~ 25 years old, had some rust, a lot of worn out parts and a bent frame. It had a Trek cable lock, but I could have had a much better U-lock on it:o

A**holes. I’ve had three unicycles stolen over the years, and I own one which I later found out had been stolen by a neighborhood punk kid. If you actually have to ask, be aware that some people will take anything that isn’t nailed down, as Unibugg has also experienced.

One uni was stolen with my car. It (and the car) was never seen again. The other two were stolen out of my car, in my driveway. Fortunately one was one of only a handful of carbon fiber frames in the whole country, and the other was one of only a handful of DM ATUs with splined hubs in the whole country. The thief was not so smart, so I eventually got them back and had the enjoyment of seeing him arrested.

On multiple other occasions I have had my car broken into and electronics stolen (like boom boxes – think the 80s), but the unicycles were left alone.

Mine are covered under my home insurance, had to declare them seperately when i was living at uni as they were over £300 but no extra charge.

On the theft note, my mate Beth got her freestyle jacked from a cycle rack in Oxford, locked with an admittedly puny chain, but still someone must have taken the effort to break it open.

A lot of the larger cycle clubs and groups offer cheap insurance to members

I would ask for a copy of the policy.

They may be lying to you or misinterpreting the policy. Under state laws, a unicycle does not qualify as a bicycle, so unis are allowed on the sidewalk.

Unis should be allowed where bikes are not, because they are smaller.

Lodge a complaint that the biz you work for is environmentally unfriendly, that their workers make a big carbon foot print, and the biz does nothing to encourage cycling.

Not being able to bring a uni into your cubicle is BS!

My nimbus Isis 24" muni was stolen.

Status update

I have been informed by insurance that I need an appraisal done to confirm replacement value.

I’d like to use the term priceless, because I get so much enjoyment out of them.

So if some A-hole takes it, I’ll be pissed.

Kinda - pain in the A__ to go thru to ride my unicycle to work

I’d try to get in good with a janitor or something; maybe he’d let you store it in a broom closet or coat room during the day. Your office building mush have somewhere it can be stashed and not violate the Cubicle Rule.

A lovely bartender senorita used to store my 24" behind her bar when I used to uni to school in Spain. I’d like to say I saved money, but even in Europe, gas is cheaper than booze. . . :roll_eyes:

Uni Stolen from Car and Found Again

My unicycle was stolen from my car in Toronto in June 07 and found again when it was offered to a club member on the street in Nov 08. Quite the coincidence.

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