Unicycle Insanity or Psychosis

Maybe the reason your obsession is so strong is because you started when you were all growed up. I know a lot of people start unicycling when they’re 30-40ish. My dad did, which started my brother and I.

Don’t let it get between you and your family though. You may have started a little later in life, but you still got plenty of time to Uni.

It’s great that unicycling has worked for you. I think one of the key factors there is endorphins. You can get those from many activities, but the combination of finding something you like that really motivates you, and the fact that it’s a physical activity requiring lots of energy expendeture is what makes it a success. So you could have found many other physical skills, but unicycling is nice because it forces both your brain and body to work hard, and if you enjoy it the payoff is very powerful. As long as unicycling remains fun and challenging for you, hopefully it will keep your brain healthy as well.

Yes, there are many other messed-up people out there. :slight_smile:

I was once you. The difference was I was younger, and fortunately not yet married (and no diagnosed depression). My obsession had less negative effect on others. Over the years I have learned to deal with it somewhat, but it still flares up from time to time. My wife reminds me from time to time that I must achieve “balance.” Hard to resist when she puts it that way. Balance between unicycling and the rest of life. Photography is in there too. I take lots of pictures, and then have to spend more time dealing with them on the computer.

The X-box is much easier to master, but will never have the short and long-term rewards one can get from unicycling (or any other real-world, challenging physical activity). However you can’t make someone interested in unicycling. For the most part, people only learn if they want to. If he’s not that interested, he may never have fun with it, which means it is not necessarily the best activity for him. Though it’s still better than too much X-box time.

So you gave him a unicycle, then an X-box, then the cash value of the unicycle? Hot damn! If you “bought” the unicycle back, you might consider taking it back. He doesn’t really like it now, and it has bad connotations for him. Rather than having it hang in the garage for the next few years, just let him know that if he ever wants to learn to ride, you’ll help him out. I think this might be a stronger motivator than a unicycle that “waits” for him to work on it. Then it becomes his decision to start riding, and he will feel more in control of the process.

I can tell you’re being humorous here, but in any case, leave those poor guys alone. If they are truly interested, they will say something to you. If you push it on other people, it generally doesn’t have positive results. You will find people out there who are also interested in unicycles, but they’ll come to you, or otherwise tell you they want to learn.

People could have worse methods of choosing their candidates, I suppose. Unicycling is a leisure activity. For our “lot” to be improved, it is necessary for us to be able to afford leisure time. Also, any steps that can be taken in the area of liability and litigation would surely benefit us unicyclists. So many places we aren’t allowed to ride, and so many facilities we can’t get into because of insurance/liability/litigation… As for me, I’m voting for the candidate who is least likely to make our country an embarrassment to the international community :slight_smile:

Kind of subjective don’t you think John? What’s more embarrassing? A President who walks all over the world, or a President who lets the world walk all over us?:wink:

Many people outside the US don’t appreciate our arrogance. Like a schoolyard bully who’s got a good reason for being an a-hole, it still doesn’t make it easy to like him.

How about we get a prez who neither walks all over the world nor allows the world to walk all over us?

The Problem with unicycling that everybody,in the back of their mind,thinks of clowns at the same time,and dont take it seriously.

bush wuold be more of a MUnier,he regulary rides a $3,000 mountain B*ke,Kerry snowboards(onlyonce?)
nothing like unicycling,i cant see him riding a uni.

Get your son a unicycling game for his Xbox.

(I have names for my unis Too.)

I didn’t say which one I was talking about, did I? :sunglasses:

However, one candidate already has walked all over the world. The other does not have a track record of letting the world walk all over us. Yet. Just to keep it straight.

I can’t picture Bush or Kerry (or Nader) seriously trying to ride a unicycle. Arnold Schwartzenegger maybe.

THAT visual made me laugh. The governator on a uni!

I think the question we should really consider is not a president who walks all over the world, but a president who unicycles all over the world.

Think of how excellent that would be, unicycling being so different from walking

I think this question deserves a poll-- not in a political sense, but in a unicycling sense–frankly, which candidate is more likely to ride the unicycle.

If you all don’t mind, I would like to start a thread/poll on this very subject.

As for our 2 candidates from the 2 major parties–I really do not prefer one over the other until I can figure it out from the unicyclist’s perspective (my dear wife" is grumbling again). I have always agreed with Plato’s notion of the “Philosopher King” – perhaps a “Philosopher President” is what we really need.

No, what we really need is a “Philosopher Unicyclist who Just Happens to Also be President.”


Plato’s notion of a philosopher king? Have you read Popper’s views on Plato? Or read Plato’s Republic? Satirist or fascist? The first time through, I read it as satire, the second as fascist.

Plato’s idea is the benign dictator. Perhapsthis would be simpler to achieve than a concerned, intelligent and enlightened electorate? Dunno. In South Africa, after apartheid, people queued for miles to vote; in the UK, after people died for the vote, we’re lucky to get 30% turnout at local elections, or 60% at general elections.

And unfortunately, people really do vote on issues as irrelevant as whether the candidate unicycles. People will vote for a politician on the basis of his perceived allegiance to a particular football club, his hairstyle, or other irrelevancies.

History suggests the tallest candidate will win. It’s that daft.

Personally, I think Bush would be the better unicyclist, because he could steady himself by trailing his knuckles on the ground. :0)


I dream about unicycling… That way I can get in 8 hours riing every day! :wink: Seriosuly, I do dream about it way too much :wink:

I do this all the time, and usually I’m with people, and I’ll either start saying something or they’ll ask me why I’m obsessing over some ledge or stair set and then I’ll have to start explaining why. I think this is the result of my burning passion for unicycling bottled up inside since I haven’t ridden any trials or street, for more then just an odd day here and there, for many months. Well, hopefully I’ll get some riding, and some filming, in tomorrow.

Tell that kid of your’s to ride his unicycle or you’ll sell the X-Box. Unicycles are a privilege, not a right.

Re: Unicycle Insanity or Psychosis

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