Unicycle Injury Comparison Chart

Hi everybody,

I seem to remember, when I was first starting out, a comparison chart comparing various sports injuries, including unicycle injuries.

Do any of you remember seeing this chart?


Was it this chart ?

Interesting chart! I’m new to these bizaar half bikes but 99.9% of the time I’ve found crashes to be ‘step-offs.’ The chart lists a helmet as safety equipment and, being new to the sport, I’ve been wearing one. I took a really nasty header 2 days ago while pedalling way too fast trying to keep the wheel under me and when I came off the front of the uni my head smacked the pavement pretty hard. Glad I had the helmet. I’m not gonna get on any soapbox here about helmets. Just take it for what it’s worth.

obviously the chart does not include muni, trials, or street riding.

Actually, the chart is referring solely to MUni.

i didnt even see that. i assumed that since it said low price and only helmet needed, that it only referred to freestyle or performance riding.

I think that this chart was made before trials, MUni were even invented.