Unicycle in Wal-Mart

haha UniGeezer youre my hero! I hope I can still do what you do when i’m 50. Anyway if you guys mall security is anything like ours youll surely get in trouble. I got in trouble the other day for running. Lame.

Hi FluxUni. Are you a new member, or did you re-register with the new name? If no the the second, then welcome to the forums!:smiley:

yep im new here. I learned on a CX24 and just purchased a DX20 from a guy on here so im looking forward to the arrival of that.

No one cares if you take the uni in…but my strange small-town shops actually do mind you riding through.

I took my uni into a book store today, carrying it. I know one of workers(there are only a few) and he pretty much runs the place. As he saw what I was carrying and commented(“Unicycle!?”), he promptly asked for a demonstration down the main aisle. He’s a good guy.:stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and as I was rummaging through a large table top tray/bin of used hinges, switches, knobs, and other random objects at a place in town that sells heaps of used stuff, I found the exact size of Allen key that I was looking for. It was the first allen key that I had come across, so I was pretty pumped about that. So now I don’t really have that excuse to go into Wal-Mart…

I’ve only had one occasion in 20 years when I was told not to bring my uni into a store, and since then at that store I’ve just thrown it into a shopping cart and strolled on in :smiley:

Follow Up

In contrast to some of the others on the forum, as soon as I took my unicycle inside of Wal-Mart about a week ago, I was told not to ride it.

I was walking in with my brother, wheeling my unicycle in front of me, and the greeter said, “You don’t ride that in here, now.” Disappointing.:frowning:

Strict Carlislians…

ive grinded a seat in a mall:)

I work at wal-mart and have been asked by several different managers to bring in one of mine and show them how to ride. I think that they don’t realize how difficult it really is until they see someone in person doing it as they are entertaining the idea of actually getting on it themselves. Once I give them a demonstration, they usually decline the lesson saying,“I’d probably break my neck”.

I also juggle in there alot so, it’s not really that odd.

Another Update

Sorry for taking so long to bring you guys back up to speed with my unicycle vs. Wal-Mart experiences. I know you all were waiting.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve taken my unicycle in a few times without being told not to. I just hold onto the seat and wheel it around with one hand, just like a one-handed walker, less supportive.

Last time I entered, I was with my sister and we had no trouble. But when we left (same door, mind you) the greeter, an “older” lady, said something to the effect of, “Who let you bring that in? You shouldn’t have brought that in.” I just said, “Okay”, but I could’ve said, “I came through this door about 15 minutes ago and there was a lady standing here who looked a lot like you, and she said nothing.”

These crotchety greeters…maybe I should call the store manager…

I have ridden in tesco :smiley: and a few others in town… they didn’t seem to care that much, it just stunned them lol!
The only shop I don’t take my unis into is the local co op, because my mum works there :smiley:

I work in a kiosk in a mall. Actually, one of my biggest accomplishments on my uni was being able to ride it from the front door of my apartment complex all the way to the door of my kiosk (about a 25 minute ride). The security didn’t give me any problems, but I’ve been told since then that I probably shouldn’t ride it inside. lol

When I worked at Walmart I had a manager ask for a demonstration. A co-worker who was learning got yelled at for doing it during hsi lunch break, but the same manager didn’t say anything when I rode past her :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t had a prob rolling them through stores yet…

well last wedsday i went to meet my best mate at the airport to say goodbye to him he was there waiting,i was on buses getting there and i had my nimbus freestyle with me just got it that day and went to the scanner door things they said,"um sir u cant bring that in national terrorism laws it could be used as a weapon"what has this world come too aye drugs,murder,fighting,raping,and now this unicycles as weapons lucky i didnt pedal grab there faces they would of had cops there and everything conferscating my uni and chargingme with posseson of a deadly weapon.and i have unicycled through many shops shopping centres malls and even places that will arrest u for it…

Well, when i lived in Australia, i took it to the mall and rode it throught shops like K-Mart and Big W and no one ever told me off, or told me to get off. the only time that i got in trouble at the mall is when i was carrying a steering wheel for a car and the Sy Gaurd took it off me because it could be used to smash a window, of course this is on a busy Saturday with hundreds of peoples around.

So go for it you should get a warning if they object to you riding…

Once upon a time I rode my 6-footer all over Bloomingdales. Even up and down between glass display cases of jewelery! And I got paid to do it. To this day I still remember the expression on the face of the woman behind those jewelery counters. Arms crossed and looking very unhappy about the situation! :slight_smile:

It sounds like you’re objecting to the idea that a unicycle could be used as a weapon. Then, in the same non-punctuated forever-sentence you mention using it as a weapon. Make up your mind, please?

When it comes to riding in stores or other public buildings, common sense suggests it would be a bad idea to let unknown people ride around on unicycles (or skateboards or similar) when accidental moves could result in broken windows or injury to the people around them. Balance that with generally no good reason to allow it. This is why it makes sense for most places to not be comfortable with it. However if the people in the store get to know and trust you, that can be a situation where they (unofficially) allow you to ride in there.

Well, I called Wal-Mart and talked to a higher up. She said I couldn’t bring it in. Of course. I would not have called if the greeters had never said anything. Since one lady said I couldn’t bring it in-when I was going out- I decided to call in, because I don’t know how much the greeters know about store policy…

I’ve taken my unis in the many different stores and never been told not to. I don’t ask first as I don’t want to solicit a negative response that would carry over even to future visits.

Concerned that some manager might object to the tire on the floor, I’ve always carried them (or stowed the smaller wheels on the bottom of a cart). If I need to rest my arm while looking at something (the 36 can be cumbersome), I put the tire on top of my foot.

I’d be very dissapponted if I’m ever told to leave my uni outside. (especially since I don’t usually carry a lock with me). Never leave a uni unattended outside. I almost lost mine twice before during a quick trip into the restroom. So … you guessed it; I even take them into the public restrooms. :slight_smile:

It’s always easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.

Also, you should have told the “greeter”: You’re a Walmart greeter, not a Walmart berater!" What could she do, kick you out?— you were already leaving!

I always take mine into every store. Usually I roll it around with one hand but in a small store I’ll just prop it up near the door or the register. I’ve never been told to take it outside. They would rather keep a customer.

If they ever told me to leave, it would be forever. Who needs Walmart anyway?

It will difficult for you in Wal-mart Watch out