Unicycle in Ukraine

Below is an email that I received tonight form an event organiser in Odessa, Ukraine. I figured that if there is someone out there who is interested in this sort of thing then they would be on this list.

Here is the email as received…


I found your address on the Internet, using the search term “unitsikl.” Perhaps you have some relation to the bike with one wheel, or at least know people who know how to ride on one wheel.

My name is Leonid Rzhepishevsky. I am executive director of the “Odessa bike rally” and the coordinator of the project “100 km in 10 hours in the belt of Glory.” These cycling events take place in Odessa since 1983, during the celebration of the liberation of the city. In this competition involved more than 2,000 people from different countries and cities in Ukraine. The competition may be involved people of different ages and all types of bikes.

In 2013, we decided to add to the new type of competition: Riding 100 km in no more than 10 hours on one wheel!

Probably, this is unusual and strange. Therefore, we propose variants When offsetting results:

  1. Who will travel faster on one wheel 100 kilometers

  2. Who will drive more km in 10 hours

  3. Who will feature performances by local residents (route events are 14 villages).

All competitors will receive prizes. Winners receive awards governor of Odessa region.

To participants on one wheel from distant lands was hurt coming in only 1 day in Ukraine has developed the following program:

  1. “The arteries of Victory” - a journey on bicycles in a large group of cyclists from the western (eastern, northern) borders of Ukraine in Odessa. (March 30 - April 5)

  2. “Governor’s Cup” Odessa-Nikolaev, Kherson, Kerch, Yalta-Sevastopol (April 8 - April 14)

With the hope of understanding and cooperation, waiting for help, and letters from you

Leonid Rzhepishevsky




haha, i just wanna post the same;)
well done,
cheers jogi