unicycle in uk preferably london area

Hey people, im looking at upgrading my uni currently iv got the 20" delux crome uni :wink: (one from flebay) but i want somthing diffrent.

im not 100% sure what i want but i know i want it to be good off road and have a bigger wheel than my current 20"

so what have you got???

haha! fleabay…(sounds about right:p )

be a bit more specific about what you want(in the title would help), if you seriously don’t know what you want look into the different riding styles, KH unis, profile, blah blah blah and the rest…

ok to be more specific, does anyone have a muni ether 24" or 26" they’d like to sell me, any similar to the Koxx Track Monster Offroad 24" Unicycle would be great!!!

go KH :smiley:
I just had a quick look and found this its a 29" rather than 24 or 26 but its only £5 more than the koxx you were looking at and you could use it for comuting as well. but it wont be so good as the 24" if you want to do some trials.

just a sugestion

Go custom, there is nothing better than building up your own custom uni!



www.unicycle.uk.com is all you need!*

Rock on!

*And money, obviously!

it just takes ages… but once your done its awsome!:smiley: