unicycle in the dutch mountains

:astonished: We are a small bunch of unifreaks and organise this summer the 10th anniversary of UNICYCLE IN THE DUTCH MOUNTAINS.
Well well, 10 years already… We ourselves were amazed a little bit ourselves as well. Started in 1997 by Geert, Arend, Erik en Julia as a single day tour, by now it has developed itself into a multi day happening that we might just as well call a festival. Being one of the initiators of the wide spreading interesse for offroad unicycling en unicycle trialing we will remain on the search for new challenges, but at the same time we will always keep a low profile starters level for beginners on the single wheel as well.
For this 10th anniversary we will return to the well known campingsite of last year in Heerlen, but ofcourse we’ll have some special ideas in mind that we’ll try to get together.

So you can rip off these dates out of your agenda now to be sure you’ll join us!!!

23, 24 en 25 june 2006

Also check: http://www.jongleercollectief.nl/frames/index.htm !!!:smiley:

Year that sounds good! The locations in your pictures look nice! And I love Holland (I’m about 4 times a year there for dance festivals)!
@all noneurope riders who don’t know yet - smoking weed is completely legal there!
C Ya there

Hela, Momentchen.

Veranstalltung iss nich an der Küste!!!. :thinking:
Das Bild habe ich blos als Avatar.
Wir befinden uns im sonnigen süden der Käserepublik, in der nähe von Aachen
Yow, trett rein!

Nein nein ich meine die Bilder von 2004 sehen fett aus.