Unicycle in the Big Brother Africa house

So I get one of those infamous phone calls from a friend of mine last week.
He’s involved in the production company running Big Brother Africa.
They’ve got a circus theme coming up, can I help him get hold of a unicycle?
Are the Kennedy’s gun-shy?
I put him in touch with Alan from oddwheel.

The uni went into the house this morning.
They were given a whole lot of props and must put together a circus show by tomoro night.
They have to use all the props and will be penalised if they don’t.

I was originally given the impression that the uni would be there for a week and thought the chances were pretty good that someone would learn to ride in a week in a Big Brother house, providing us with some stunning ‘yes-it’s-possible’ kind of exposure.
It now seems very unlikely, apparently one guy is still trying tho.

Follow the whole thing here.

They did that years ago in the UK version of Big Brother, I think it was the first series, before they got all the freaks in the house like they seem of done for the last few years.

I think at least one of them was able to ride a little by the end of the task.


Imagine if i was in it. i would be able to ride already.

but thats not what i would do… Oh no i would pretend not to know how to ride. flurry around and come across as terible at it and then!! all of a sudden!! wham!!i will ride it. the General public (well the general public that likes to sit around and watch other people living whilst doing not much but working and complaining about working) will be shocked and stunned :slight_smile:

but honestly. That is pretty cool. whats even cooler is your production company friend running big brother. he could sneak you all the unseen footage… or maybe even arrange you a personal live feed of other poeple living.

what type of uni did they get?

What the…?

They did the same thing here, all dressed up as clowns and unicycling and juggling. Not the best way to present the sport to the public now, is it?

I think they regurgitate ideas between countries.

The very 1st season of BigBrother (well, under the name BigBrother) was in Endemols country of origin; The Netherlands.
And guess what: in the very 1st BigBrother ever also a guy had to learn unicycling
He became the winner, the other guy in the background became 2nd.

I think if the choice is between presenting the concept to the public and hiding in away under cover of ‘hard-core’, I’d prefer to err on the side of exposure.

As long as they spell your name correctly.

Are you suggesting there is more than one ‘big brother’?

If you want me i am locked in my panic room.

They get one day to put together a circus show? Prediction: The unicycle isn’t going to get ridden (without help) unless someone already knows how to ride one. If they’ve got good imaginations maybe someone will use it as a guitar…