Unicycle in New York

Hi, I’m from Brazil and I got my parents in New York now.
I started unicycling a short while ago, and I’m looking forward to buying my firt Unicyle.
Since I’m having trouble to find stores with unicycles in storage I would like to know if someone know how to find an unicycle in New York City.
I’m looking for a trial unicycle that’s isn’t much expensive but isn’t garbage (something that tops US$ 350,00).
Thanks a lot.

Go to ebay.com and type in Torker Dx. There is some Torker Dx(s) on there for sheap and also try looking on udc. If you got a DX off ebay you would still have money to spend.

I say get the qu_ax trials.

$300 from unicycle.com.

Its a great unicycle.


I would be glad to help you have fun on “ONE”.
I am located in Long Island, NY just 25 minuets from NYC and we are an authorized dealer for most unicycle manufacturers.
It’s always helpful to have a company locally to stand behind their products.
Please contact me to discuss further at 516.702.9807

Also, when you have the chance look up newyorkunicycle.com for a club in the city where you can meet and ride with a great group of riders.
Just One Wheel belongs to the UNATICS club and will be more than happy to service your needs locally.

Adam Cohen
Just One Wheel Inc,


Thank you a lot man, I will have my parents enter in touch with that number.


yea im in this group too. Its where i learned too ride its awsome

im in potsdam right now
wow thsi palce is boring
its got a sickness playground though
so im revealing my iner child

Potsdam, New York? If not, ignore. If so, be proud to be in the birthplace of Bill Jenack. He’s the guy who created the Unicycling Society of America, and is the one person most responsible for bringing us all together!

I thought gilby brought us all together whith the forums:)