unicycle in movie


Have anyone more then I seen “Dorm Daze”?
In the movie there is few clips with a unicyclist riding a unicycle. The movie is a pretty wicked high school movie. Pretty cool see unicycling in hollywood movies.

review from the movie “Take Newmar (Tony Denman) for instance. We see him early on riding a unicycle and wearing chemistry goggles as he parades around campus”

link to the movie: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0362511/


I’ve seen that movie. Too bad they gave the uni to the uber nerd in the movie. College movies are always the best. :slight_smile:

In a similar vein, the movie slackers (also a college film) includes unicycling. Alas it is the evil nerd who belongs to the unicycle club.

I thought it was a pretty lame film but then I’m not a huge fan of college themed films.