unicycle in hands

Last week we had “unicycle” in braille.
But this time in hands:


i dont get it. Is that how you spell unicycle to a deaf person?


Maybe in some countries, but not in the UK. UK finger spelling uses two hands to form the letter, there IS a sign in BSL for unicycle*, but its not very well known so you may have to spell the word out the first time you use it with someone new.

  • R hand, point 1st finger only upwards ( fist towards you), turn hand so 1st finger points accross your body ( to the left), use 1st finger to describe a single circle in the air (like a wheel).
  • #2 - when I say a sign in BSL, I don;t think you would find it in a BSL dictonary, but its been used by deaf and hearing unicyclists talking to each other and to deaf non riders. I used it in Yorkshire between 1995 - 98.


Leo’s version was ASL. American Sign Language. Check out the whole alphabet here, a little app I put together a few years ago. This is my wife’s company, and her web site will be updated (by me) before mine is… :stuck_out_tongue:

Sign language varies from country to country, as it is usually based off the local language there. For example, when we went to China for Unicon in 2000, there was a group of riders from a deaf school (in China). Jacquie was unable to communicate with them, as their signs were completely foreign to her.

American Sign Language is derived from French Sign Language. There’s a whole story there, which I won’t get into…