Unicycle in cheese commercial!

<scene 1>
A boy is at a party and its piniata time, he swings the bat and wacks the piniata off its post, sending it flying like a bullet through the sky.

<scene 2>
Shows piniata flying through the sky at an incredible rate.

<scene 3>
Shows another party being occupied by a unicyclist performing in front of a bunch of kids.

<scene 4>
He is idling and juggling.
He gets ready for the “big trick”
Then all of a sudden the cheese filled piniata comes down and blows him away. cheese flies everywhere

<scene 5>
All the kids run up and collect the cheese screaming “cheese, yipee!” unicyclist on the ground flabergasted

Ahhh…the power of cheese.

I thought it was great to see, even though it was just a commercial. Keep an eye out for it.