Unicycle in Bristol, UK.

Hey there,

been unicycling for about two months now, I live sort of near the centre. Are there any Unicycling events, or meets here? Anybody know of any good places to ride (I like benches and steps for trials and street stuff)?

Hang around here and http://www.unicycle.org.uk/forum/ . There are a few Bristol riders about. group get together weekly IIRC for hockey.

Hi. We play hockey every Wednesday night in st pauls, you are welcome to join us. There’s a mix of guys riding trials, freestyle, street and muni so I’m sure you can find someone to ride with.

There is some good riding around Millennium Square. It’s where the trials bikers and skaters hang out, too.

What Nick forgot to mention is where in St Paul’s.

Details here:

We also have a Facebook group:

and a Yahoo group:

Hope to see you there.

How about now? Can we have a meet up in the city centre as there are lots of obstacles to jump onto, as the exams have ended (I think)?

GIve dan liew (delcypher) a shout. delcypher@gmail.com
Also Ben would probably ride with you. Marcus Collins doesnt live far either.

Go to the hockey on wednesdays? and ask who will ride with you!

I was there yesterday for Bristol’s Biggest Bike Ride.
I did the 18 mile Failand Heights ride.
It was nice to bump into two other unicyclists at the end of the ride (whose names, I’m embarrased to say, I’ve completety forgotten. Sorry) and I see from the video footage here that there was at least one other rider.
I make that a total of four.
Were there any others?

Make that five, just spotted another rider in the still pics section.

You met me and Dan there :). The guy in the video is Pete. I didn’t see the guy from the still pics, but we did see someone on a Coker, so I think that makes at least 6 unis there.

I think Dan has buggered of to Spain and then home for the summer, but there are still a few riders in Bristol. As Brendan said, come along to hockey and say hi.

And I didn’t see any of them. I knew Dan and Pete were planning to do it, and I knew that Dan was planning to do the same ride as me, so I hoped at least to see him.

I wasn’t on a yike, BTW.

I found a picture on the Evening Post website of a unicyclist I didn’t recognise (picture 42 at http://www.thisisbristol.co.uk/galleries/Bristol-Big-Bike-Ride-gallery-1094743-detail/gallery.html )


that looks like the american dude that i met once. I invited him to hockey but he didnt go :frowning: