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Here’s what I got:


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I’ll try again later. I vaguely recall it took about twelve hours for my first
uploads to become visible.

Arnold the Aardvark

http://www.foxholly.demon.co.uk ICQ# 30592054

I’ve finally thrown something together that may be worth looking at. I think
there are a few photos people will enjoy even if they don’t know


Points of interest,

Some nice fire juggling and unicycling shots (extra long exposure times). You
can’t see the unicycle well in some of them but its there. Me with a friend
juggling fire on my shoulders while I’m unicycling.

A couple of shots of me juggling clubs and machetes on a giraffe.

Proof that I can ride an ultimate wheel. (not necessarily well:-)

There are also instuctions for how to stand on someones shoulders.

Enjoy, Peter

                University of Waikato 61 Nevada Rd Peter Bier
                pjb10@cs.waikato.ac.nz Hamilton Unicyclist, juggler and
                mathematician. (07) 856 1103