Unicycle Hockey

Hello Community,

I am a unicycle hockey player and I try to collect all the results of the european championships (Eurocycle, UNIOEC, ECU, IUC) that ever took place since the first Eurocycle in 1993.

Meenwhile I got lots of results but there are still some missing. Maybe you can help me or you know somebody who can or you know somebody who knows someone …

I am still missing
2006 Altenstadt
2008 Vodice

And I have some informations (but still looking for some more)
1993 Langenfeld
1994 Königstein
1995 Nice
1997 Nyon
2015 Mondovi

If you have any information feel free to answer me. Every little information might be helpful.


Ich habe das Gefühl, dass Einradhockey selbst bei der Randsportart Einradfahren eine Randsportart ist.

Schade, aber sollte noch irgendwem etwas einfallen, freue ich mich über Feedback!