Unicycle Hockey

When Unicycle meets Hockey, the love can be very strong! Here in Vancouver, Canada, a group of unicyclists - as they call themselves “Vanuni”, gather and play unicycle hockey once every month. Some are for the fun and some are for the yearly international championship, Unicon. As a sport, it is very tough to play because of the sheer challenge of learning how to unicycle - 16 hours average of learning just to be ok. And yet, they made it seems so easy, seamless and fun.
It’s not just here in Canada. Although it is a very Canadian thing to do just to turn any medium of sports into some form of Hockey, Unicycle Hockey is popular across the globe along the unicycle community.

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Well done video good job

This is a timely post for me. I want to try my hand at hockey this year at the NAUCC. Not as a competitor but just in a pickup game for the heck of it. What kind of a stick should I get? I want to play around before I get there so I will at least have an Idea of what to do.

If you don’t play much then probably nothing too expensive. A $40 stick would probably be good enough. Outdoor play wears your stick down like crazy. In Australia you need to change heads every so often if you do it outdoors. Once you start playing seriously a $100-150 stick is decent then after you are competing very seriously $200+

Flatter heads are usually better for slapshots
Curved heads for flick shots. its hard to do a real slapshot in unicycle hockey though.

Whether or not you start left or right handed is up to you. We often get people who are right handed to start with a left handed stick so when they play one handed they have their strong arm on the top. In europe that is fairly common, in the US hit is not as common for hockey players.

Good advice. The only chance I will get to play is at the NAUCC. That is the only time I ever ride with someone else. I have not found another rider here in KC.

Great Video, nicely done.

This would be another reason to drive through Minnesota and the Dakotas on the way to NAUCC. Every second-hand-sports store and Goodwill will have a bin of used hockey sticks for next to nothing. Clean out the change from your seat cushions and get a used stick! Uni-hockey is great fun, whatever your skill level.

Great video. Loved the slow-shots and calm music in the background. Made something that sounds silly at first (“unicycle hockey”) look instead interesting and cool.