Unicycle Hockey Weekly Practise in London

A new weekly hockey night starts this Tuesday in Dalston, Hackney, London.

We will be playing in large hall in Holly Street from 9 -10pm.

Here’s the address:
Queensbridge Sports and Community Centre
30 Holly Street
E8 3XW

The hall is perfect for hockey although plastic pedals, non marking tyres, etc are essential.

Beginners are very welcome. We always bring spare sticks. If you plan to come and would like me to lend you a suitable unicycle,
call me (02085480759)

This night is in addition to the Thursday night hockey practise at the Westway Sports Centre.


Is this a different team from the one that practices here:

Paragon School, Paragon Road, Hackney

Or is it just a new venue?

I’m new to London and would like to get back into to hockey. I helped re-start the Sheffield team and haven’t played since I left Sheffield in July.

It’s a different practice, although some of the original Hackney guys come along.

Whereabouts in London are you? There’s also hockey on Thursday nights at the Westway Sports Centre from 7:30 to 9pm.

That’s three different unicycle hockey practices a week in the same city, can anyone top that?


So what team is the practice at Paragon School?

I live about a mile East of Camden. Nearer to Holloway Road.

Hackney is the closest to me, but I’m not available on Tuesdays.

How much is it for pratice?

Is the practice still running on a Tuesday ? If so will look to get there next Tuesday.

Yes, the Hackney Hokey Cokeys still meet on a Tuesday at Paragon School.