Unicycle Hockey Sticks

i’m thinking of buying a unicycle hockey stick.

Does anyone have any idea on a good one that isn’t too expensive?


theres special hockey sticks for unicycling? i thought they just used regular street hockey sticks :thinking:

I’m not sure, thats why i’m asking. I heard that they are ice hockey sticks


Road hockey sticks are just (normally old and crappy) ice hockey sticks with no grip tape.

And I’m guessing that unicyclists use road hockey sticks.

should be no problem for $20 or so at a store that sells hockey stuff.

PM GILD… he would know

Go to any sports store, tell them you want a hockey stick and tell them the surface you are playing on, and tell them you need one that is an extra foot long or so.

If its a bit long you can easily cut it down a bit if its too long but you are probably going to want it a bit longer than normal.

There are hundreds of companies that make hockey sticks, you can spend anywhere from like ten to a couple thousand dollars on one. Unicycle hockey isn’t that competitive that you need something that specific, just get the cheapest thing thats comfy for you.

Headstone said that road hockey sticks don’t have tape, I would disagree, Hockey is like the number one passtime in Canada, during the summer kids everywhere take to the streets to play, if you don’t have tape on your stick yours is going to be the first to break.

So get some hockey tape aswell to tape up the blade, it will add alot of life to your stick.

I don’t know what hockey being popular and kids playing it in Canada has to do with tape on road hockey sticks, but I live in Canada and have played a lot of road hockey. Me and my friends always removed the tape from the blades, because we would be playing on some little road where the tape would just shred and stick to the the pavement. But I guess, if you’re playing on a rink in the summer or some smooth cement, it would be better with tape.

And I’ve been thinking, you would probably want a stick with a sharper blade angle, so it looks closer to an L than a regular stick, so that you could play the ball closer to the unicycle. I’m just thinking, though, I’ve never even come close to playing unicycle hockey.

hockey tape has nothing to do with the stick breaking. its all a grip think, when you have tape on a road hockey stick it doesnt work well cause the blade wont slide on the road, and the ball sticks to it too much, messing up your shot. there are street hockey sticks that usually have a plastic blade, but thats just so it slides a little better on pavement, and it doesnt splinter like wood will when it gets ground down. either way, just buy a cheap stick thats curved the correct way. if your playing on a basketball court type surface, then either will work.

i played roller hockey for a few years…I and everyone else would tape their stick. The tape will quickly grind off the bottom and won’t stick to the ground. The tape is mainly used for better control…when someone passes you the ball for instance, the ball won’t bounce off the stick as much. It also gives you better control when shooting and passing.

Yeah, and I bet you were playing roller hockey on some smooth shiny cement, not some crappy old bumpy pavement.

I doubt that. It has more to do with how well you recieve a pass than whether or not you have a millimeter of tape on your blade.

ntappin-where/how could you spend a couple thousand on a stick. the top of the line, full carbon, one piece models are $220 US or so.

the blade part is designed differently. they are both made to withstand the force of hitting the puck/ball but street hockey sticks are made to withstand being pushed across miles of concrete and asphalt

I bet you could :stuck_out_tongue: I’m studying composites… and well a handmade, carbon fiber piece with some kevlar honeycomb… I could think of a few ways to bump the price to a couple of thousands of dollars…