Unicycle Hockey - Listed and Bizarre Sport

I came across this website…and when I was reading through the most bizarre sports…I for some reason knew I would see unicycling in some form. Look at #9 http://www.oddee.com/item_87009.aspx

There’s a lot of really funny stuff on that site as well. Have a look at the graffiti or unfortunately placed advertisements if you want a good laugh.


I’ve heard of several of those sports before. I saw buzkashi in an 80’s action movie. Chuck Norris? Rambo? I saw Sepak Takraw a few years ago. They called it “foot tennis”. There was one guy who would jump upside down, “spiked” the ball and landed on his feet, basically he did a back flip, I was very impressed. At the time it seemed to defy the realm of posibility. I’ve also heard of this played w/ a footbag.

Sweet, that’s me in the picture with the awesome white knee pads! This was in Bottrop in 98 when Unicon was held there in Germany.

Interesting to hear we’ve ridden off into the sunset. I was rather planning to head for Denton for some uni hockey this very weekend. :smiley:

Hah! I was going to ask if anyone could identify the photo, and I thought it looked like Jamey there!

Think they chose that picture because the floor looks like it might be ice?

wow. that exact photo was in the local paper, listed under unusual sports. i was gonna take a photo, but i forgot.
chess boxing was also in there and there was another one call finger jousting. so funny…