Unicycle Hockey in UK

Hi all,

The 23rd of March next year is my *0th birthday and I have decided that the
best thing to do to celebrate is to play Hockey. So I have booked a pretty
nice sports hall at the North Herts Leisure Centre in Letchworth (30 miles
North of London) for the afternoon of Saturday 24th March and I hope that some
people will turn up wanting to play. Teams or individuals welcome.

This date was booked by Steve for a weekend in Stourport, but I have agreed
with him that I will take it over and there will not now be an event there
that weekend.

I have not got through total planning yet but there may well be some sort of
drinks/party afterwards. Also there could be a bit of a Muni ride on Sunday if
anyone is interested. I will try to sort out some floor space for anyone who
wants to come from far away.

Please drop me a line if you’re interested.


Jonathan Marshall /| O O/ /|\ /| /|\ _/| / |\ LUNIs Unicycle Hockey Club
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