Unicycle Hockey in DC

Okay the 19th sounds good, i need to request off at work tomorrow then. I am going to use my 20" schwinn because all i have is that and my 29" yuni, and the 20" will be much easier to handle, but it will lose speed to the 24"ers. We have 5 dollar hockey sticks at my work, they are cheap, but they should do the trick for what we will be doing. I just really wanna meet up with some people and try out that coker.

very doubtful that any members of Hell on Wheel will be able to attend, unfortunately just a bad weekend. hopefully we can all meet in the future…

What am I, chopped liver?

No, you’ve just been forbidden to attentd by the gang. Its their way of maintaining power over outsiders - by being “too busy” for our gatherings. You’ll be punished later for your public insolence, I imagine.

so whats the final roll call for the 19th?

and where exactly are we meeting and what time.

sorry frank… i didnt see your post. but yes, you are chopped liver. ho ho.

“The Plan” for the 19th:

What: Meet up to ride around in a small urban park to get to know other unicyclists and try out different stuff. At least two people (myself included) will be bringing their Cokers. There will be hockey sticks (I’m bringing two), at least one ball (I’m bringing it) and possibly one goal (if I can find a cheap used one at 2nd hand sports), but no real game. At best we could try some half-court stuff in Gateway park. The park has ramps, benches, low walls (fat), lawn areas, small paved areas (tennis court sized at most) and a few drops. It’s not a popular park so we probably will have it to ourselves. If we want to go for a longer ride there is a bike trail that goes all the way to Mount Vernon (around 10 miles?) that starts 1 block from the park, and if we cross the Key Bridge we can take either the C&O Canal trail that goes all the way (160 miles) to Harper’s Ferry (no relation), or the Capital Crescent Trail up to Bethesda.

Who: At least a half dozen people seem intererested enough to show, which isn’t enough for an official unicycle hockey game, as each team must have 5 players.

Where: Gateway Park, 1300 Lee Highway in Rosslyn, Virginia. It’s a one-block park within 100 yards of the end of Key Bridge.

When: 1PM on the 19th of June. Yeah, I know it 's going to be hot, and at risk of afternoon thunderstorms, but starting that late gives the folks from away enough time to sleep late, have a real breakfast, and a leisurely drive up to DC. Thermal induced storms don’t seem to form earlier than about 3 or 4. If people feel strongly about the time we can change it. Suggestions?

How: By metro take either the Orange or Blue Lines and get off at Rosslyn. Walk downhill (North) from the station about 2-3 block and you’re at the park. By car the easiest way to Rosslyn from the North is down George Washington Parkway, and from the South up 395 to Columbia Av. Parking sucks, but it exists. There is a Holiday Inn across the street with a huge parking lot that I THINK is open to the public, and street parking in Rosslyn. If all else fails there is a parking garage but typical Washington rates are around $20 per day. (I know at least one place downtown that charges $17 for the first hour!) If you’re coming from away PM me and I’ll give you tailored directions, or use the MapQuest link above. My cell phone is 240-381-0476. Call me if you get lost.


Thanks for all the planning/info Tim. I’ll be there, along with my girlfriend and fellow unicyclist, Wendy. Siafirede, wanna car pool to Springfield metro?

Looks like I’m in the wrong place at the wrong time on this one, My car broke down beyond repair and I’m currently living in pittsburgh this summer.

Have fun with the Hockey guys, maybe one day the’ll be a uni team in the stanley cup…

Yeah maybe, do you think metro would be easier than driving though? Driving might be easier…

The street parking is metered. I think three round trip metro passes will be more than the fist full of quarters you’ll need for street parking. I’m still wondering if the Holiday Inn is gated or not. I think not, which means you might be able to park for free.

If you decide to drive let me know so I can write up the best route. Where would you be coming from? The only reason I say this is that the freeway system in that part of Northern Virginia is a real can of worms. If you make all your exits it’s great, but miss one and you’re chuted off into downtown DC or wind up taking a tour of the monuments.

Yeah, as a rule, if I can avoid the mixing bowl, I usually do. It seems that all wrong turns in DC lead to Anacostia.

Or the u-turn at the Iwo Jima monument in Virginia. I’ve met so many people (myself included) who have spent 30 minutes of road time just to go 4 blocks in DC because they got shuffled out of town and had to go all the way to the Iwo Jima monument before they could turn around and get back into the city.

Most of the problem is that the signs are small, cluttered and LATE. By the time you figure out what to do it’s too late to make the exit, so you swoop around for miles just to get back. I’ve always wondered if the legendary DC traffic gridlock is due to aimlessly circling tourists just trying to navigate the town.

Don’t worry too much about the driving directions to Gateway, though. I can give you exact directions, including which lane to be in when, and so on.

I might metro in with you then frank, i will talk to you later about it.

Just giving this thread a bump.

Thanks for the bump, you beat me to it.

I picked up 3 hockey sticks from the bargan bin, two righties and a leftie, and 3 street hockey balls. I didn’t get a net but I have a few traffic cones.

My plan is to drive down and park so that I can bring my unicycle collection. I’ll be there shortly before 1PM.

Bad news.

I neither have a unicycle (they pushed back the arrival date of my kh24 for perhaps the third time), and I doubt I have any hockey sticks. If you have enough extra (unicycles and sticks) for me to borrow, i’ll do my best to come. Otherwise, i’ll just have to see you guys for the next hockey meetup. Hopefully i’ll have a uni by then.


p.s. i’m a new driver and not looking forward to parallel parking on crowded streets :frowning: hopefully that holiday inn will be open

I’ll be bringing 5 unicycles and it looks like cyberbellum will have extra hockey sticks. I wouldn’t worry too much about gear.

As for parking, the Marriott, right next to the park, is open to the public, but they charge you. That’s where I park - but I have a parking pass as a Georgetown University employee. I think the daily maximum is $10, but I’m not sure.

I’ll be bringing 4 unicycles plus some hockey gear.

Current weather forcast for Saturday:
Partly cloudy. High 87F. Winds NW at 10 to 15 mph.


Confirmed, the daily maximum for parking at the Marriott is $10. This is what I would reccomend. Sure, it might suck to shell out 10 clams, but finding parking is hell even if you know the area. The Marriott is easy to find and you could throw a football from the parking deck to the park we’re playing in.