Unicycle Hockey in DC

Are there any riders in or around Washington, DC interested in a regular unicycle hockey game? If so, what frequency works for you? Also, how good are you on a unicycle and at the game of hockey?

I live very close to DC, can barely unicycle, and haven’t played more than 2 games of hockey in my life. I’d be interested in playing once or twice a month.




I live in rockville, maryland, about 30 minutes north of DC. I have never played unicycle hockey before, but I’d love to try it. I’m 16, and I’ve been riding for a long time, tho i’ve never owned a muni or trials. Im very comfortable at backwards, idling, freemounting. I’m about a level 4.5.

Im not sure if there are enough people in teh area for us to get a regular game of hockey going. There just dont seem to be many riders in DC, and none so far in maryland that i know of. Trip Glazer is at American University, so that makes 3… :slight_smile:

good luck finding enough players, it would be neat to ride with someone else. i have never in my life (since i was 5) ridden with another person. unicyclists lead lonely lives.


why do you think its a UNIcycle?

but anyway, uni hockey.
i think many members of Hell on Wheel would love to play, but DC is a long way for just a game of uni hock. And trip is back here in richmond for the summer. I dont think any of us could manage a bi-monthly thing, but maybe we would like to do it just once or twice. I’ll have to wait for the members of HoW with cars to respond, though.


I live in Fairfax, VA and I work in Georgetown. I’m up for any unicycle activity. Preferably Fridays or Saturdays, but I’d be open to anything.

The HOW gang and I have made a few feeble, failed attempts at meeting up, but its never happened yet.

Never played hockey on a uni, but I played on rollerblades many years ago.

I don’t frequent this site as much as I used to. Feel free to email me - this username at unicyclist.com

I’d be up for it. Im also up for some long distance rides around the area if anyone wants to join me. I wouldnt mind driving down to Richmond every once in a while either. Does anyone around here have a coker I could try out, I have really been wanting to try out a Coker to feel its awesomeness. I know cyberbellum has a coker, but he said that the seat post is very small, so I dont know if I could ride it, but it might work. Anyway, we should plan some kind of meet soon, it would be fun.


i will be back in DC at the end of august. i dont have a car or a hockey stick, but im sure i can find a way over to you guys. and please, come ride trials with me at my school or around there, i promise its fun.

everyone needs to come visit the gang this summer. post on here if you can come and we can set up a ride. in december we set up a ride with nickb (but sadly he couldnt make it), chex, and brian, which was a blast. there are some pictures in our gallery (hellonwheel.cjb.net, or address in signature if that doesnt work). i am always, i mean ALWAYS, up for riding. plus, i hate to mention it without pics, but it has been “rumored” that a sweet trials park “may have been” set up in my backyard. so join us for muni, trials, or whatever floats your boat.

If we do arrange some sort of hockey game or other group meet, I’ll definitely bring my coker so that you can try it.

Between the four or five DC area riders and the Richmond HOW club it looks like there are enough people to play some kind of game (By the way, does anyone know how to play unicycle hockey?), but logistics makes a regular game in DC out of the question.

It looks to me like an alternating meet-up of the beltway crowd and the Richmond riders could work. You guys come up here, we make an afternoon of it, and in a couple of months we come down to Richmond to visit you for an afternoon. If a game of hockey breaks out, well great. If it’s just showing the “away” folks the local riding terrain and unicycle collections, well that’s great too.



hockey would be fun but to be honest i would rather ride trials or muni, especially if its gonna take some travelling to meet up.

Gateway park in Virginia is just across the Key bridge from Georgetown. It’s surrounded by big streets so there isn’t much traffic, is full of concrete walls, drops and benches, and has some cool ramps and overhead skywalks. N. Lynn Street & Lee Highway, 3 blocks north of the Rosslyn metro on the Orange & Blue lines.

Saturday the 19th at 1PM?

Anyone interested?

too bad thats probably a 45 minute drive for me…ill see what i can do.


If you’re coming from Rockville it’s about 25 minutes. Rocket down 270, take the outer loop to the GW parkway, then cruise in along the river. The tricky bit is getting off GW Parkway. Don’t get off at Rosslyn/key bridge because it shoots you across the Key bridge into G-town. Go another half mile then get off onto 50. Take the first right off 50 and roll down through Rosslyn.

sweet, thanks for the directions.

btw, the only working unicycle i own (or will own by the 19th) is a kh24. will this work for unicycle hockey? its got 170’s :frowning:


I have no idea. It would probably be ideal. Anyone else know?

Like I said, I’ve only played two games of hockey in my life and both were pick-up games with the neighborhood kids on ice. Gateway park doesn’t really have a place big enough for hockey - it’s more of an urban “sit and watch the grass grow” park.

Sorry I missed this post for so long, I was busy uniing in the MS 150 bike tour this weekend. (I’ll try and post on that later).

I’m in Manassas for the summer and definately down for any kind of VA/DC/MD get-together. I’ve never played hockey in any form and think it would be really cool if uni-hockey was my first experience of it. How much do sticks cost? 19th is good for me (if I recover from the tour by then…).

Don’t know. I was going to get a stick from 2nd hand sports. I figured it would be under $10.

It won’t be possible to play a full game at Gateway park, but we could bat around a puck to get the sense of the game.

It depends on the tire.

The rest of the uni is fine for hockey. If it has a 24x3" then it might not turn as quick as you’d like in a game of hockey. It will also wear very quickly

Might be worth getting a slick tire a swap it over when you want to play.


The 19th at 1:00 is great for me. If there is at least one other person coming and its not raining, I’ll be there.

I like the idea of messing around with hockey at that time, even if we don’t do a real game. Aside from that, you guys can school me on some trials.

I’ve also never played hockey, but I believe a 24" or 20" street/slick tire is ideal. Since I’m so close, I’ll bring all 5 of my unicycles so people can borrow one of mine if they need it.

I have:
The SpaceCruiser (Coker Deluxe)
26" Pashley MUni
20" Yuni Trials
20" Stealth Torker (street tire)
24" United POS (street tire)

Clearly I’ll be using one of these for hockey (probably not the MUni or the Spacecruser). Whatever I’m not using is up for grabs.

Does anybody know the proper length of hockey stick to acquire? I assume it needs to be longer than what you would use for ice/rollerblade hockey since you’ve got extra height on the uni…

Unicycle hockey FAQ

Looks like it’s just street hockey on unicycles. Regular sticks and a street hockey ball.