Unicycle Hockey in Australia

I’m heading down to Australia for a few months, basic plan - Sydney, NSW, East coast in late Nov, early Dec; Melbourne for Xmas; Perth, west coast in January. I was hoping to meet a few unicyclists and get a game of hockey in while I’m down there. Is anybody practicing or having a meet around those times? I’d need to borrow a stick and a uni if someone has a spare :slight_smile:

There’s hockey in Sydney. I think it was on Sundays - I remember I missed it and went and did muni instead.

Although really you’re missing a trick if you go all the way to a really exciting foreign country full of really awesome and exotic muni riding, and go play in a school hall.

Great rides in the Blue Mountains (easy train ride from Sydney), and in the area around Castlemaine (train ride from Melbourne), and the Yoo Yangs (train ride from Melbourne). I saw kangaroos and wallabies and parrots and all manner of exciting wildlife out there. It is incredibly different to muni over here.

Have a look at this: