unicycle hip pain/injury

Just toward the end of last summer I started to experience sharp pain in my hip that seemed to result from riding my uni. It seemed especially prevalent when I rode my 29er but it definitely happened after muni rides too.

My hip doesn’t hurt when I ride but I experience pain and cramping in my hip when I sleep or when I move my foot laterally. I can really isolate it if I lay on my side and try to lift my foot straight out to the side. This has really put a damper on my unicycle riding. I’ve tried to lay off and give it time to heal. When I get off the uni, it clears up slowly and then goes away completely. A few uni rides brings it right back.

Posting here is kind of my last ditch effort to know what the hell is going on before I sign up for yoga classes and/or go see a doctor. I’m determined to muni again this year and I must find a way.

My advice is to find a sports-minded doctor and go get checked out when you’re experiencing the pain. You might just need some physical therapy to strengthen a muscle or muscle group that’s weak and causing strain on a different muscle or muscle group.


Is it possible that you’re pushing down on the pedals crookedly? Have you tried adjusting how far apart you position your feet?

yeah this is by far the best idea i think u could come up with, coz if u keep riding, your hip isnt going to get any better, infact it will probly just get worse if it is something serious!!
it could turn out to be something minor and will go away once u give it some rest. But it could also be something full-on, that needs attention, and if u ride on it, u mite make permanent damage and not be able to ride agen !! :astonished: lol

Probably good advice regarding the sports-minded doctor. I guess that’s the whole point of health insurance. I’ve got a bias against docs because I once went to the doctor about 4 times for plantar fasciitis and he just gave me muscle relaxers and told me to rest. In the end, orthotics helped but yoga enabled me to get back to being active.

I was hoping the hip pain might be common among muniers and uniers. My guess is that it is resulting from awkward angle landings during muni rides. I’m betting that I am now aggravating something that I injured once during a hellacious ride.

Anywho…I’m off to the doc hoping for a permanent fix. I should probably sign up for yoga also. Its probably the best way to ensure my ability to continue riding muni through my 30s and into my 40s.