unicycle help

does anyone have advice for getting a crank off ive tried and nothing happened it wont come off i took it to a bike shop and it broke there crank puller

I had that happen once. I was boneheaded enough to not take the nut off first. I’m sure the LBS made sure the bolt/nut was off first.

If that wasn’t the issue, try puting the uni on its side, prop the wheel so it stays horizontal and squirt some WD-40 or anti-seize in there and let it soak for a few minutes.

thats a doozie!

just a thought, if you could heat up the crank arm with a torch or something from closer to the pedal so that the part of the hub it sits onto doesnt heat up aswel, it would expand it somewhat possibly letting you get it off? might help if you let the whole assembly cold before heating up crank arm.

I’d ask someone who knows alot more about it before trying this this tho! Im not certain of how much heat change crank arm can take safely. be careful. and this could be an awful idea, just thinkin out loud really… :badpokerface:

You’re saying, a crank extractor didn’t work?

http://www.google.com/images?q=crank extractor

He didn’t say what kind of crank it was. That might help.

its off a nimbus boomerang

I once had a problem with a stuck crank on my Nimbus. The wise man at the LBS heated it briefly with a torch and then got it right off.

I’ve had success getting seized cranks off with penetrating oil, but you need to wait more than a few minutes. When it worked it was at least overnight before the crank would break free. If it’s seized due to galvanic action you could try using automotive antifreeze, but again you would need to let it sit overnight.

I have also used a torch to get cranks off. If you go that route I would recommend going to a shop that has done it before. We worked on a lot of messenger bikes through the winter, and seized cranks were fairly common. I’m sure that there are shops out there that have more experience with this sort of thing than others.