unicycle hat

im lookin fer a good baseball cap w/ something in-yer-face written on the front about unicycling. please tell me where i can find one

You could make one and buy it from cafeshops. Its probably about $15 :slight_smile:

no such luck. all i can find is some canadian unicycling logo hat, and i can’t wear that, cuz im hopin to live thru my freshman year


Ooh, that one is scary, like an eye with a unicyclist for the pupil. I’m shivering as I type.

Gasmaster, the point I think ethilien was making is that you can make your own unicycle design and using Cafeshops process have it applied onto a hat and buy it.

Good luck,
Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

What is that supposed to mean?


Tim (of the forums) made a hat with a unicycling patch on the front. The patch is the kind where you just iron it on. I’ll ask him where he got it when I see him next.

There used to be a a BMX company called “Poor Boy” or “PB” they had uni shirts as well as some baseball style hats. The only person I know who has the hats is Dan H. He wore his green one in U2 (when he does the 7 pallet rolling hop). He also has some of the shirts. John Childs has one of the shirts, they are REALLY cool. I’ve been trying to make and design my own but it hasn’t been the same.:frowning:

I too have one of the PB base ball caps. I am willing to consider trading it for some thing that I would wear more often. Anyone going to Unicon and wanting a PB cap pm me with an offer. Now I’ve grown my hair long the cap doesn’t fit so well so I don’t wear it.

At last unicon some american was selling some 1x1 off road logoed caps,they were realy nice.


How do you like this hat? :smiley:


i live in america, and these past few years, people are feeling “patriotic”, plus my older brother isn’t the biggest fan of canada, so i’d probably only buy one to piss him off(which is
not the smartest thing in the world to do, seeing as hes been on the varsity wrestling team since his freshman year)

oh, and on the topic of my older brother, hes created an account here, even tho hes not a unicyclist, so don’t pay any real attention to gasmastersolderbrother

my friend has a real good looking uni hat (baseball cap). It says 1x1 offroad with a pic of a knobby tire. He said he got it at a uni convention and that he got the last one!

If anyone knows who made them, maybe we could persuade him/her to make another batch. Its an all white hat with black text and pic. Maybe there were other colors too but i wouldnt know.

I would even wear this hat and im not a hat person.


I bought a Poor Boy tee shirt. on the front it has their logo and on the back it reads “CAN’T AFFORD A PROPPER BIKE”


Lol, thats a good one :smiley:

(except that my unicycle cost more than my bike :wink: )

there’s a unicycle.com baseball cap on uniccyle.uk.com


but the model scares me the first time i saw it i got really freaked out :frowning:

haha, thats kinda sad when you think about it. what kind of society is this, where you pay more for less?

yeah, bikes can be mass produced though making materials and development cheaper. on the other side I have a trials bike with about 1400$ invested, my unicycle has about 1100$ invested. my uni is bullit proof while my bike needs a stronger rear wheel, a new shfter, and larger brake boosters.

I guess I am trying to say that a high quality bike still costs more than a high quality unicycle.

Do low quality bikes cost less than low quality unicycles???


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i guess you got a point if you put it that way…

1x1 hat

The 1x1 offroad is the work of Joe and Judy Stolfus. I may have just spelled the last name incorrectly, but those hats go back at least to the 2001 Idaho MUni weekend.

Here’s a pick of me wearing mine.

It is the only hat I’ll wear . They recently had a small batch done and may have a couple still available. You’ll have to wait til they return from vacation in a couple of weeks.

If you seriously want one of their hats, send me your email and I’ll fwd it to Joe and Judy.