Unicycle handle idea

Found picture of this DIY handle. Anyone is using it? Any comments?

Seems to be very comfortable. It only needs two bike parts. Maybe someone can make it in 15 mins if spare bike parts available.

Similiar handle in this video (starting from 3:40)


I would need to make serious changes to my freemount technique. :thinking:

there’s a full thread on this somewhere floating about not too far back. I ride with the Atlanta group, and have seen the handle. Not for me, but he loves it.

I cant think of any reason why a uni would need handlebars like that…

I never read this book, and only know it’s about a man riding to all 50 states in the USA on a unicycle.

But looking at the cover, you can see he has a similar setup.

I’d wager he had some significant unicycle experience before his trip. And he must have chosen that handlebar setup for a reason.


I gave a similar handle a try once, it was great for getting the weight off the saddle for short periods of time but in my opinion sucked for everything else. Maybe I just was not used to it.

I am a proponent of the long low handle for road rides.

Looking at the cover, I see someone who either has, or is developing, incredibly tense shoulders.