Unicycle grinds - Pretty gooooood! Chris Huriwai

I want the opinion on some street riders, what do you think about BF and FF for naming stances??? Instead of saying, its blind backfoot blah blah all that crap, just keep it as BF and FF? Lets admit it, both BF and FF have their advantages.

Awesome, super technical. Really loved the treyflip, double, and lateback to BF grinds. When I saw the BF grind-180 over stall, it just made me really want to see a 180 overblunt. I’m sure if someone’s going to do it it’ll be you.

BF and FF work as abbreviations online and for captions in video, but in real life I’m not going to say letters lol. I’ll call it backfoot and front foot.

Wow, those were some really technical grinds!

Elias did it last year - at 1:24

I like the FF, BF idea!
Like you said it both has his advantages :stuck_out_tongue:
But what if I normally grind left FF, and now I do a right BF… then if is a blind BF grind?
Nevertheless I also think blind tricks are stupid :stuck_out_tongue:
Its really nice if you can do it and it can help with a lot of grinds, but saying its a trick on his own sucks :p! because if you don’t know his normal stance it looks just like a normal grind… ^^

and about the vid:
I really like it! some really good and original grinds in it :slight_smile:
flip to bluntgrind, doubleflip in, fullout-out … :slight_smile:

I like the BF and FF. And that was a crazy vid too.

I agree with the BF and FF. I personally feel as if you have mastered both techniques and that there really isn’t a side that you prefer :stuck_out_tongue:

My one thought on it all is that you must always keep the rider in mind and what “their” preferred stance is. I much prefer FF but have BF, not on handrails though! I know that there are a few riders that can do both just as good and I have a high amount of respect for them and consider them better at grinding since they can do both techniques as if its natural for them.

That’s a blunt to overblunt :P. He means a grind to 180 over whatever you are grinding into a backslide, grind to 180overblunt I guess it would be called, may need to squeeze in “backslide” in there somewhere.

Same for me :).

And yeah it is a bit touchy, because I started out as a BF grinder. I only really use FF for round rails. On squares and especially flat squares like this, its very unnatural for me. I know a few riders that can trey, treyside and fulloutflip from grind, they’re all FF grinders. So then for me, who is mostly a BF grinder, all those tricks are very difficult (blind), but I’ll get there.

For all those that start out as a FF grinder, then start doing BF dominant tricks like backflips out of grinds, sure this is blind for you, but they’re totally different tricks, they look totally different. If your trying things like that, then chances are you have plenty of cool FF grinds already. And grinding round handrails BF, this will be blind to you and yes more impressive. But why bother grinding something that makes it harder for you? It will look exactly the same and probably more sloppy. The only reason I have made this change to FF in some of my trick, is not because I find it more difficult, but because it matches the style of trick that I want to do or it matches the style of rail I will grind, to make it easier on myself, not harder.

Also, that 180 overblunt thing… I think Dan Cowling might be closer to it then myself. I’m sure you notice, on those over stalls I come to a complete stop before jumping. When I usually do overblunts it has to be on a really mellow rail(like that one is Elias’s video) or a flat one like this, that I can switcheroo (keeps momentum using the half revs, because I also hate wax, plus the half revs are a great way to jump over a rail from FF). So unless I find a way to do a switcheroo 180overblunt, I don’t think I’ll be able to land it on this rail, plus its very short. Another good way of doing it, is the rolling switch FF grind, half rev with a 180 into overbackblunt haha.

I dunno what I’m talking about sometimes to be honest… haha

Psh, grind naming conventions confuse me haha.