Unicycle Give-Away!

The Memphis Unicycle Club is giving away a 20" Torker!

This unicycle was donated to our club by the good folks at Unicycle .Com because of the our community out-reach and the unicycle-for-community service program (“Youth Uni-ty”) that we have created.

We can’t have a raffle in Tennessee but we can honor our patons by offering them a chance to win a unicycle. Thus, if you want to be a parton you are encouraged to make a donation to our club. For every $2 that you donate to the Memphis Unicycle Club your name will go into the hat once.

I’ve posted details on our web site (www.memphisunicycleclub.com) the donation specifics - including PayPal options. The drawing will be on Decemebr 15th so that should give us enough time to get you the unicycle before Christmas (we’ll pay the shipping).

OK, so you don’t really want a 20" Torker? I encourage you to never under estimate that “warm-fuzzy” you get when you do good. Not only will you be doing good by making a donation to our out-reach but what if you do win? Then, just imagine how wonderful it would be to GIVE the kid down the block a unicycle! You would definitely be in line for some major good karma points.

Have fun!

You’re a spread the word in a positive way sort of guy, Tommy. You do cool stuff. Feel proud of yourself if you ever have any free time.

Hi Greg,
Thanks for your kind words.

Who I’m proud of, however, are these kids that I’m lucky enough to get to play with and share my love of uni.

There is one girl that has learned to uni who was told by her docters that she would never walk again after contracting a weird disease that crippled her when she was 4 years old. Her legs are a mass of scares not from surgery but from dragging herself around trying to keep up with her older sister. She is now 12 years old and just two weeks got braces for her legs for the first time. The braces made a huge difference and after two weeks since the braces this girl who, still, can hardly walk is actually riding a unicycle! Pretty amazing stuff! A couple of months ago when she first came to our practice I never thought that she would actually be able to ride but I refused to discourage her. Low-and-behold, last night she rode across the floor! Everybody ther about cried. Also, her family couldn’t afford her surgeries that she needed years ago and nor could they afford a unicycle for her. Thus, she took us up on our offer to trade community service for a unicycle and she did 30 hours of service for a program that helps HIV victims. So, now she rides her very own unicycle. This young lady is who I’m proud of! She serves as a reminder of the human spirit that can live in all of us. Her picture is on our web site. Check it out.


Re: Unicycle Give-Away!

On Fri, 15 Nov 2002 13:44:28 -0600, Tmornstar
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>There is one girl that has learned to uni who was told by her docters
>all of us. Her picture is on our web site. Check it out.

That is Altonita right? What a determination!

Her picture doesn’t enlarge upon clicking since there is one letter
missing in the link. The correct link is

Klaas Bil

"In 1978, memory researchers at Princeton University successfully bred an amnesic fruit fly, which forgets odors four times as fast as a normal fruit fly. "

Thanks for the heads-up with the link address.

Yes, that is Altonita that I was speaking of. You can see in the photo that her legs are not straight. However, her determination and spirit are as true and straight as an arrow!

I forgot to mention that those who would like to be in the running for the freebe-uni you can also use PayPal for that $2 donation to get your name in the hat.


Re: Re: Unicycle Give-Away!

Lewis, check out the brim of the helmet you gifted… there are dents in it! Girl knows how to play!


Yeah, the helmet , the brand new helmet, that Lewis gave her has come in really handy. We also gave her a complete set of elbow and knee pads and wrist guards. Last Thursday night Joyce was so touched by Altontia’s perseverance that she had to leave the room.

Today it was blustery and cold out at the skate park. A group of “sub-culture,” skater-type youth arrived and announced that they had just driven from Jackson, TN just to ride this park. When I asked if they went to the American Legion there to hear music they sort of acted casual and said, “yes.” “Have you ever heard a Memphis band, Deluded Princes play there?” I asked. Oh God! They went on and on about how great this band was, etc. ect. “Say,” one asked, “How do you know that band?” That’s my son’s band. Suddenly the was a uni-skater colaberation and brotherhood. We had a blast!


How about raffling off one of those cool shirts? :slight_smile:

That is a great idea. Thanks for the compliment on our shirts. However, raffels are illegal in this state. Thus we are calling this a “drawing” for our patrons - those who contribute $2 or more. I still like the idea of a “drawing” for a shirt. Hummm. I’m not sure if I can handle more than one “drawing” happening at a time. Thanks again for the great compliment and idea. I’ll see if I can get the shirt “drawing” off the ground. Great idea.

Hmm… I didn’t know that raffles were illegal anywhere. Well, I suppose they are a bit like gambling, and that’s illegal in some places. :slight_smile:


I Just put this “drawing” up on ebay. I’ve never done anything like selling “drawing” tickets like this on ebay. Check it out, #Item # 1973733968 .

One can forego the entire ebay routine and just go straight to PayPal and send a $2 donation (donation e-mail address: winauni@memphisunicycleclub.com) to be eligilble to win the 20" Torker. The drawing will be following the Germantown Holiday Parade. Dec. 15th. The Memephis Unicycle will pay the shipping and you should get it by the 25th as it will go out to the winner on teh 16th. Also, come on to town for the parade and the club party following the parade.


For you lazy people
Click here

To help sweeten the drawing and encourage others to enter it, I will refrain from entering in the drawing (but I may still donate). :smiley:

(Yes, now your chances of winning are a whole lot greater.)

As you turn your gaze toward Minneapolis, the feature you see on the horizon is the pile of unicycles won in raffles (drawings) by Gilby and his family.

I wondered at what Silverstienien Monstrosity could tower thus, calously blocking out the sun, it’s ubiquitous tyranny cast long over the pale ghosts of what would be men.

-C R Lovecraft

I think all you guys in the Memphis Unicycle Club are doing some great things. Giving away free uni’s in your area is a great idea (who needs midnight basketball when you’ve got midnight uni-basketball!) Now your even spreading the free-uni karma onto the net! I think they deserve a round of applause :smiley:

Re: Unicycle Give-Away!


Your doing a great thing down there and I really respect what you have done with that club in Memphis, but I neglect to see how it is leagal in anyway if a raffle is ileagal is your state. Keep up the good work and you should break more laws while your at it. For example you could throw in a case of beer for every $10 donation by members under 21.

Keep up the good work


Hi Chex,
It is all about the letter of the law and not the spirit. The letter of the law says, “raffles." Also, in the election last November the citizens of this learned and progressive state has finally voted that the legislature my amend the state’s constitution and begin the process that will allow such morally questionable opportunities as raffles and church bingo. When John and Amy Drummond of Unicycle.Com donated this unicycle to our club it was expressed that we not simply put it up to be earned in our “community service for a unicycle” but rather to use this as a spring board to help fund this entire program. I thought that this was a great idea and it is working great. We are getting a lot of community support and even international support for our ideas to build understanding in our community, build a kid’s self esteem, and an opportunity for enthusiastic adults to be a part of the whole community activism picture - just to name a few things.

Thanks for your support. You know, anybody could do something like this in your community. However, it really does cut in on your time to unicycle.

Have a great holiday,

only in tennessee

hey now if tennesees’ saint. jude hospital can sell 100.00$ tickets for a chance to win a ‘dream home’ [located in mississippi,heh!]
muc sure can sell 2.00 tickets for a uni !
yup in TN. raffles,bingo, one arm bandits, but not cake-walks are considered gambling.
y’all have to go south of the border [ie. mississippi] to buy decent fireworks and gamble to your eternal souls peril…

The Dark Tower grows in stature, as yet another one-wheel is added to it’s might.

(KG won the MUC raffle! Thanx for contributing Keven! The MUC know how to put your contrabution to good work!).