Unicycle Gang T-Shirts

the New Jersey DEATHJESTERS!!..HELL…on one wheel

Click It Hard

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Now, here’s a turf war worth fighting :roll_eyes:

Looks like a clear trademark infringement of Hell on Wheel. Are you going to get a restraining order or just ride them into the dirt?

maybe this will answer your question…


Lol i will only respect hell on wheel is they can coast 20metres.


Hell on Wheel does almost exclusively trials and muni

Well in that case I have no respect for you, I only respect people that can do freestyle stuff aswell as Trials. I respect Jacinto the most because of his freestyle stuff. Also Dan for urs too :wink:


At least we’re more tastful than some members of the Royal Riders.

Tastefull? lol ur argueing about whos got the better “gang”

I’m just loving the idea of a deathjesters teddybear.
I should add at this point that I take the idea of a unicycle gang very, very seriously.


we have matching tablecloths and hankerchiefs

The fact that they put ‘2’ instead of ‘to’ says enough.


we own you

Well, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve more or less stayed out of this whole gang war thing. I think somewhere I mentioned that I was proud of Hell on Wheel, but that’s as far I’ve gone. At the same time, I see nothing wrong in a little friendly, satirical, rivalry. I hope we haven’t made any real enemies here. Though I can’t really speak for the other members of HoW, I’m pretty sure that they all understand the ridiculusness of the term “unicycle gang,” and I think it’s clear from their posts that none of them are taking this very seriously (<good thing).

Perhaps it’s because unicyclists are such a close-knit community that it’s fun to entertain the idea of warring unicycle factions. It’s fun because it’s so out of place. If I thought people were being at all serious about this, I would be more vocally against it. For a year I lived in a community in inner-city Richmond where gun shots, police sirens, and even helicopters with search lights were common enough to no longer wake you up at night. I’ve since moved from the area, but I understand that the gang activity has escalated there to the point that automatic gun fire is now heard at night. That’s a real gang, not a unicycle gang, and I hope all of us here understand the difference.

Well that’s all I have to say. Again, I’m very proud of my unicycle gang, and I support them entirely, as I do all unicyclists.

-Frank Brown
Founding member of Hell on Wheel Unicycle Gang

Oh yeah, and we do freestyle stuff too, just nothing on par with coasting. John can do 360’s like nobody’s business, and Trip was one foot wheel walking last I saw him.

nicely put Frank. The gang warfare is just for fun. I think its fun to make a (horrible) photoshop picture of our members jumping on the other gang’s symbol. It is funny because it is the opposite of what you may expect of unicyclists.

The whole gang thing is just for fun. And it’s easier to identify yourself as part of a group. I certainly hope no one is injured in some sort of uni-gang war. It would be tragic to turn the unicycle into any sort of symbol of hate and violence.

But, on a more personal level, Royal Riders are just jerks

I am always completely joking when I talk about our gang being superior to all others and stuff like that. I never thought anyone would take it seriously, so don’t.


Or maybe your gang is superior BECAUSE you joke about being superior…

I’ve read the recent posts about unigang turf wars, and all I can say is that if any of you ever set foot in NYC, I will personally take you out for pizza. Just give me a call or e-mail me.

And by the way, we kick your unicycle gang’s toochis.

David Stone

heyyy sock what the hell? royal riders arnt jerks theres 8 of us… how many have you talked to? 3?