unicycle games

Hi everyone,
Our juggling club had our first organizational meeting for our festival next year and the idea of more unicycling activities was made. In years past we have had big wheel group rides, loosely choreographed routines and obstacle courses. I was wondering if you all have any ideas for other activities or broadening the activities we already have. We have already been talking about having a group muni ride also. Thanks, everyone.


The title of your thread gave me an idea: unicycle games. Some have been invented already, like hockey and tag and stuff, but recently my uni friends and I have invented unicycle polo with croquet mallets, and it is soo cool. We rarely actually play polo, but we like to hit it to each other as many times as we can without it rolling down either hill to the side of the street.
Something I’ve always wanted to try was unicycle capture the flag.

I was wondering if we could set up a game apparented to Afghan’s
“Bozkachi” or France’s “Soule” :
imagine something like a soft bag with plenty of handles
you can throw it but not very far
the game is to grab the “dead goat” from adversaries’s hand
and bring it back to your camp
the fun in the (rough) game is that you do not play it on flat ground
but through rough terrain with hills, streams and so on!




Can be played on flat or rough ground, but non-pinned pedals are a plus!

hey I thought of a game… has any one played?.
It’s a deadly game played by snowmobiles(snow-machines)

High-marking: An activity specific to snowmobiling, where snomobiles attempt to ride as far as possible up a steep slope, then turn and come down without rolling or stalling on the hill.

Snow-machines make a visible ‘‘horseshoe’’ tracks. It might be harder to spot the marks on unicycle but without avalanches it’s less deadly.

  1. Need a steep hill.
    a)too steep to make it to the top.
    b)any terrain-- off road or on.
  2. bigger the wheel the better.
    a)Though any size would work, I think a 36’’ or bigger would be the most fun.

What about “Horse”?
Horse is about consistency in tricks.
Let’s say that four guys named A, B C, and Obi-Wan played it.
A will start by doing a trick, and then B does the same trick, then C and then Obi-Wan. If A doesn’t land the trick, then it’s B that can choose the trick. But if A makes it, and B, C or Obi-Wan doesn’t land it, then they will get one of the letters in horse. When someone has got all the letters, then they’re out of the game. Lost. If A lands a trick, and everybody else lands it too, then it’s Bs turn to choose the trick, and so on.
Did i forget anything?
I’m not sure if this is a good idea for a festival, but there’s also the chance that someone else will read this and try it out. I thinks it’s a great game :smiley:

I might have played once. I had to look up the rules because I didn’t remember. This looks like a good one.