Unicycle Game on Internet

Check out this unicycle balancing and jumping game! its pretty cool
Here it is!

Sorry buddy but this has already been posted here MANY times before. It’s VERY old news to most.

Better posted many times than none.

But it is a different link than what’s been posted before. It is good to have different links on different sites to the same game.

I’ve got short list of some of the web games that have been posted in RSU. The list is in my Megalist of Unicycling Bookmarks. Look under Unicycle Web Games.

It’s harder than the real thing!

I’m sure if you played it for a hundred hours, IE as much as you unicycle, it would be cake.

all I know is I was able to go five feet in that game right off the start ^^ Which makes me belive its easier then the real thing.

There is a REALLY AWESOME game on this site. Click the button at the top of the screen with all the User CP stuff and you’ll find its a very useful and addicting game.

the funny thing is that last time I could actually play this game.

now i can only manage 15 seconds or so.

Actually I find it quite difficult to idle/stillstand with my feet hanging out in the air, and can’t jump that way at all :slight_smile:

Here are all the threads i found on Unicycle games.

Game #1 (unicycle challenge)
Threads in RSU

Threads in Just Conversation

Game #2 (extreme unicycling)


Game #3 (equilibrium)


There are probably more threads buts all i bothered looking for. There alot of threads on the uniracers game (snes) and about coming out with a new unicycle video game too.