Unicycle Game [MMOCC]

The aim is to create a Unicycle MMOCC game (meaning if you’re playing and I’m playing we can interact with each other).

Eventualy it’s going to be partly a chatroom, where you can talk to fellow Unicyclist’s whilst playing as a character, and partly a leveling game, getting better at Unicycling.

I can’t do it alone though, I hoped we could do this as a community. So if you can code, design pixel art, webdesign, or just come up with ideas… Or learn a new skill as you go! :smiley:

I’m personaly a Pixel Artist, but if it turns out no one can code, or no one wants to learn then I have a few friends from previous projects that may help.

What I’ve done so far

Basic riding Prototype
Riding & turning on a Punk Freestyle
None animated Giraffe, super hero?

If you want to help just do so. I’ll be posting all updates on this thread.
If you’ve designed anything or have any ideas as to what you want in the game just say, all ideas welcome, I’ll brainstorm as well.

I drew those on paint and animated thhem on Easy GIF Animator Pro, most people have paint so just experiment try changing one of my characters or unicycle’s into something else!

Should we not have a forward-facing profile? Or just keep it all to angles?

I have paint, but can do the same thing in Photoshop and get the 16-bit look a lot faster and easier.

thats a new one, an amputee unicyclist lol.

seems like it’d be cool, good luck.

I’m digging the isometric look, reminds me of Habbo Hotel (which I personally hate, but that’s mostly because of the community…the environment is still well-designed).

Also, you might get more responses for this in JC, there are a lot of tech-savvy people there, including a couple pixel artists.

JC? … Just Conversation! … oh umm, I can’t make a second thread can i?

For now i’ll just keep it Isometric, in the future, once i’ve done everything else that needs doing, i may decide to add foward facing rotations.

Also you don’t really get the same effect of photoshop.

Hehe, you probably shouldnt ever say that.

Proove me wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Make me a character in the same style. :smiley:

Ill try. =p

Once I get home this sunday ill start on it. It gonna take practice thats for sure (filters can only get so close), but im sure after a while I can get the same result.

Or I can set a photoshop brush to be a 1px square and do the same thing as one would do in paint.

I know one thing ill do is work in layers though, so gif animations are easier to create. Most times an animation (Unless we are talking street fighter and beyond lol) doesnt have a lot of movment, so it will be nice to grab whatever part I want, and be able to tranform it quickly, then do a few touch ups and add that as a frame.

Ahh… Stop talking none-Paint-Language!!!

:smiley: I’ll look fowards to it