Unicycle frustrations............a lot like golf.........

Hello all,
This will be a bit rambling but I hope you all get what I am trying to say. I have a 24" Torker CX and a 5’ Torker Unistar TX. I find that switching between the two unis is a bit frustrating due to the different wheel sizes and crank lengths. The Giraffe’s cranks seem to be way too short and I am always pedaling like hell and not getting anywhere, it is very difficult to go up hills too. Do you think longer crank would help?

One day I can ride the giraffe with little problems the next its like its day one…??? For example, there are about eight speed bumps on post hear and getting over them with the 24" is not too bad. On the giraffe I can get over them one day and not on another, where is the consistency? I almost had the jump mount down for the giraffe two days ago and yesterday I about killed myself trying them.

I am forced to ride only the giraffe right now, I busted the seat on the CX trying to go down a series of steps :astonished: . Being in Kosovo, my replacement seat will be a couple of weeks getting here.

What I am trying to find out here is, do you all have “bad” days or is it a steady progression?

Thanks for reading!

I can’t offer any sound advice for this particular situation but I can tell you that I had/have many problems with consistency when I first learn how to do something. Just focus and remind yourself that you’ve done it before you can do it again. Best of luck.