Unicycle Front flip - Emile Mathieu

Landed that yesterday! Camera angle was really bad, I suggest you watch other attempts where I complete the full rotation but cannot stick the landing.


Attempts with better camera angle (and harder mat):


Try it on a flat even sidewalk and give us another video or videos!

Any luck on backflips?

Doing a back flip off of something (no uni involved) I can do.
Doing a front flip (no uni involved) is almost impossible for me.
I might attempt a backflip with a uni into a pool one day BUT a front flip on a uni…NO WAY - NO HOW - NO TIME :astonished: :astonished:
My brain can’t compute. Great job and thanks for sharing.

Nice Emile! I like how clean your takeoff looks, no pre hop.

Dat air.

Wheres his Hat, that floor could be pretty hard.

Thank guys


Very impressive!

I think he’s suggesting a helmet.