Unicycle Friendly Campground, North Carolina.

Okay, this is a shameless plug for my friend’s campground in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. He just graduated from Appalachian State University and wants to Market his family business to Mountain Bikers. I visited him last weekend and rode the 29er on some of the logging roads behind the campsites. I would rate them as “Faster than your Mama, and twice as burly!!!” which means I wussed out on a lot of the steeper downhills. The Bear Dens at the top of the hill are actually old gypsum mines.

The place rates a stay if you are camping in the East Tennessee / Western North Carolina region. Best in the fall months.

The Website is http://www.vancetoeriverlodge.com/index.shtml


Cool, Maybe we can get some people together for a Muni weekend there. I am sure Chirokid wouldn’t mind the drive. :smiley:

I will have to figure out how far that is for me.

Thanks for the heads up Carjug. A muni get together there sounds good to me. Fall isn’t that far away. --chirokid–

Carjug, it would have been a better promotion if you didn’t say that it was your friends campground. :stuck_out_tongue: My sister is in PR.


It’s a good bit of a drive for me, but I like the people in the south :stuck_out_tongue: so I may be willing to drive down and meet ya’ll. (Did I say that right?)

Representing the northerners,


Shucks, u pernoun’ced hit perfekly. :smiley: --chirokid–